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If you have already researched books on the subject of the music business
then you have found that a lot of the books that are written denouncing the
industry are portrayed as fanatical, demonic and are downright comical. 
Personally, I am certain that there is a degree of evil involved in the
business and it is possible some individuals who would sell their souls for a
successful career but I didn’t look twice at those titles. 
It is almost as if those books are deliberately, readily accessible but the titles
that would truly provide insight are not as easy to find. 

Well, look no further…


By Tiwanda ‘Ne Ne’ Lovelace
An un-cut non-fiction description of how the music entertainment business
murders its artist and writers quietly behind the scenes.
People always say that the Music Business is a dirty business but they have
no full idea of to what extent. They assume that these artist just sign bad
deals that allow producers and managers to take everything but this is not
always the case.
It is important that people understand the ‘game’ and how it ultimately
affects others. They cut, chop and shop your work. Meanwhile, chaos ensues
when these victimized human beings wreak havoc fighting for these stolen
works and their share of royalties.
Industry people know ‘the game’ and they know how to manipulate
situations so that when you refuse to dehumanize yourself, drop to your
knees and allow them to take everything… they label you as trouble. As with
any business, there is competition and the struggle for power and money.
This book describes how those with money, power, and position use mass
manipulation to discredit, its use of technology to spy, use of threats and
intimidation to isolate.  
This is about the struggle of one writer who was blessed with the
opportunity to survive and the will to refuse to settle for less. Realizing what
would be the point of a temporary relief from injustice and unwarranted
cruelty only to ultimately be subjected to the same inhumanity within a few
Like animals circling its prey, victims are surrounded, stalked, studied and
set-up. Like lambs led to slaughter, you won’t realize the severity of your
situation until you are knee deep in what I commonly refer to as a ‘shit-
storm’ of backstabbing friends, oppressing family members, snaking
strangers and money grubbing manipulators intent on keeping you
subjected and suppressed if they are unable to make a profit.
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Printed Copy Available – January 15, 2014

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