Invisible: Living in America 2013!

Injustice touches us all!

While Music Business: It’s a Dirty Game! – demonstrated some of the tactics used in the courts when filing for justice against major industries as in my court case with Zomba/Jive/BMG 
now Universal Music Group.
In this title, Invisible:Living in America 2013!  The court system has been placed under the microscope from the view of the everyday citizen to reveal how it really works for the less fortunate.

This book will demonstrate how some individuals are deliberately oppressed by those that are in positions to manipulate the courts to ensure injustice continues. 

Therefore, by limiting assistance and preventing Due Process; they enslave individuals by using their money, power and positions to deny rights that should be guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States of America.

The definition of the word Patriot:  noun: a person who loves and strongly supports or fights for his or her country… 

Nowhere does it say that the definition of Patriot is, ‘I will be a slave for my country!’ 
Being proud, loving and supportive of anything you must feel that you are a part of something. It is difficult when you have knowledge of and are able to prove that you have been and are being denied rights while others are afforded rights and opportunities. It is extremely difficult when with each attempt to free yourself, you are made aware that this is being willfully inflicted upon you for reasons that are outside of your control and no matter what you do you are constantly subjected. 

I believe that it is important to fight for your rights but if the court system will bend to the will of the wealthy or if you are denied opportunity for serious representation then that makes you a slave. The courts are supposed to provide an opportunity to ‘right a wrong’ or ‘to seek justice’ and should not be used as a tool to oppress.

Although, there are those incidents that actually obtain media attention; keep in mind that there are numerous unjust events that do not receive the same acknowledgment. I have compiled some of my personal experiences with the court system in other court cases from simple automobile accidents, civil rights case, and housing discrimination in this title. Follow the trials or should I say the paper trail of deception and trickery, as the law bends to the will of the well-established while turning a blind eye to truth and justice. 

In high profile cases, the information can be controlled and can also be misrepresented; the facts, twisted to the benefit of the powerful and with a slight of hand they convince the masses that all is fair! 


In my humble opinion, that it is unpatriotic to live in 

America and not support those who are being oppressed. 

It is unpatriotic to not defend yourself against 

those who deny our rights. 

It is unpatriotic for larger groups to gang up on and 

bully the few out of their rights because they are ‘legion’.

‘Power to the People’ but they don’t have power 

without having the Truth! 

I may not be perfect, 

I may not be the prettiest, 

I may not be the smartest, 

I may not be the fastest, 

I may not be the sweetest

 but I know that I don’t deserve to 

carry the weight of the world.

I have rights and


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I hope that you have enjoyed reading the Chapters 1 – 6 that I have provided for preview at
I am fighting for my life and I shouldn’t have had to compete with Amazon and/or eBay with my own product when using their online service!
I have had three websites but each time I am faced with unexplained changes to my websites or purchase links being forwarded to other non-related sites. Yesterday, one of my links sent me to – (I triple checked prior to posting.)
Recently, I have discovered that some of my copies sent as attachments in emails were never received so if you have received a copy then it was through great lengths.
I have put everything into fighting this injustice and I could use some support. It has been a difficult journey but this form of slavery must stop because I am not going to accept this without a fight. There is no valid reason, justification or excuse to deny rights…
This is really a Dirty Game!

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I had filed the copyrights listed below and they were processed just months prior to illegally obtained warrant was issued.

          1.      PAu001720136 / January 7, 1993     “Collection I-Tiwanda.” Lovelace, Tiwanda, 1967-


2.      PAu001721382 / March 4, 1993       “Collection II-Tiwanda.” Lovelace, NeNe


Although Lovelace was reporting to Michigan Probation AS DIRECTED by Courts, there were no efforts were made to contact and/or provide Notice of Hearing.  

“The undersigned officer hereby certifies that a thorough and diligent search for the probationer listed in this warrant and affidavit has been made at but not limited to places of abode, known places of frequencies, and others and that His/Her whereabouts are unknown an cannot be located…” 

And this warrant was signed May 19, 1993 expires July 31, 1997

That small print says: 

Warrant Used to Take Public Housing in Nevada

Why did this police agency state that the warrants were valid in 2005 but unable to execute due to budgetary constraints but when I lived in Georgia 2003/2004 there were no efforts to arrest? I believe the warrant was serving its purpose, to inflict damage, hinder and harm.

Michigan Inter-State Case Report dated 08-2-1993
Although Lovelace was reporting to Michigan Probation, no efforts were made to contact and/or provide notice. I was still reporting (3) three months, unaware that the warrant was issued on May 19, 1993. I was just told that I no longer was to report to Michigan Probation office. I obtained this letter well after.
Michigan Inter-State Case Report

In all that time, I never mention the fact that my father was convicted of murdering a police officer. I did not want to think that people would hold that against me or be this sinister. I did not want to even go there besides I still had faith in the legal system.
After many years of attempting to resolve this issue by submitting written request for correction, I filed a lawsuit in Dekalb County Georgia against the Dekalb County Police and Dekalb County Probation Office due to an illegally obtained warrant for my arrest, modification of my record; which led to revocation of my First Offenders Act…without notice of hearing or opportunity for rebuttal since record shows that I was reporting as directed by courts.

I filed my Complaint against both Defendants, Dekalb County Police and Dekalb County Probation Office

This is only the first few pages and a copy of the initial attachments.

The Judge had determined that under Federal Law that there were stipulations with regards to being able to file suit against the police departments and ruled that I could proceed with lawsuit. 

Below is the Judges a partial summary of the case, frivolity determination, Order for Clerk’s Office to Include Dekalb County Police Dept. as Defendants …

In addition to these documents proving service,
Pacer Court records system also confirms processed…See Below:
Pacer Court records No. 7 – Order instructs Clerk’s Office to list Dekalb county Policeto complaint and to forward Plaintiff USM285 forms for completion.
Pacer Court records No. 8 – Plaintiff’s  USM285 forms and Summons were completed and returned.
Pacer Court records No. 9 – Summons was issued for Defendants dekalb CountyPolice. Yet, Defendants denied being served.  
Pacer Court records No. 10 – Request for Waiver of Summons.

The dates and Court time-stamps confirm that Defendants were served properly but this was ignored. 

The Defendants denied receiving Summons 

The summons that they say that they never received!

Can you explain why does this form below have her signature? Yet, it is not included in their exhibits that claim that they received.
Justice was not served…but the Defendants were!

If I had missed a court deadline for my response, the courts would have made ruling against me. Instead, the courts ignored Pacer court records and my Request for Entry of Default; allowing the injustice to continue. The Judges did not address that problem with multiple request for Correction regarding the Clerk’s Office interfering with filings due to:
1.    Clerk EXCLUDING A DEFENDANT clearly listed on Complaint.
2.    Clerk not providing Judge with correct/updated filings.
3.    Clerk not mailing copies to Defendants, although extra copies were provided for service. While certain filings were mailed, others were neglected at their discretion.
4.    Clerks deliberately delayed forwarding motions to the Judges.
EVERYTHING  was processed and Defendants – Dekalb CountyPolice did not respond in the time allotted by procedure as directed by courts.
Suddenly and without cause the case was reassigned to a different Judge after Plaintiff (Lovelace) filed for Motion to Request Entry of Default…
Months later…

There is no excuse for blatantly circumventing justice.

The initial Judge ruled that the police could be an entity that could be sued… 

Every filing was submitted in triplicate and I maintained certified mailer receipts for the ones that I mailed. Courts records prove that they were served.

To Be Continued…

Seven West Productions is currently 
accepting donations to assist 
with product marketing and 
promotional cost 
to ensure we are able to reach a 
wider audience so that 
others may also benefit from 
the messages provided in our 
informational products. 

No donation is too small.

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