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I am glad that some of the public has taken an interest in my blogs; however, I do not believe that most have a complete understanding of my plight!

Regarding my state of mind, I am truly disappointed and disheartened but I am not bitter or embittered. I do not and will not just except my inability to even pursue or to seek justice.

I can honestly say that my musical lyrics and melodies successfully made the top of the charts for decades! My work being used was confirmation that I was successful in what I was producing musically. Talent was never an issue and true ‘Success’ is not always determined by name recognition or popularity!

I can assure you that my inability to obtain my royalties for the many stolen musical work was not because of me not working hard or not because of an inability to build relationships.

I felt compelled to share. Not everyone is just bitter; instead, they choose to address their violations with actions. These victims deserve the opportunity to seek justice but that option is denied often because people often sum up their experience with one liner’s like – It’s a ‘Hard-Knock Life’, or as some state or imply, ‘Such is Life’ and ‘they are just bitter.’

There are those who have been a victim in spite of have had their copyrights, legal representation, supporting documentation, etc… but it was ignored or they were never able to secure thousands for a legal retainer or find proper counsel that would be equipped to pursue litigation. I hate to go there but if you are not of a minority or if not a male (in a male dominated industry) you cannot even imagine what can happen and has happened to its victims; especially, those who are female!

My point is that I don’t think that you can really compare the music industry to other industries because other industries are held accountable when they blatantly violate individuals. This cannot be said about the music business because they operate with impunity for decades! Their victims deserve more than being accused of being bitter or embittered.

I will respect your rights to express your thoughts but I encourage you to learn from others experiences!  Please don’t forget those who are or have been deprived of their opportunities; which includes, being denied the opportunity to even seek proper resolution!

When you say, ‘Such as Life!’ you are refusing to acknowledge or are just unaware of the shady practices used in the music industry. Therefore, you only condone these violations by placing blame on the victims instead of a system that encourages this behavior!

Unfortunately, it’s people that hide that truth about the music industry who are the reasons why there are so many victims because you assist in maintaining the lies.

I personally have written many articles on the business of music that details some of the many reasons why some songwriters are not successful. I would like to encourage you to read up on what’s really going on before you minimize others plight.

In my articles, I provide actual steps that can be taken in order to avoid pitfalls and I provide information to assist in preventing victims.

This is not a matter of not having Copyrights!!!

This is not a matter of not seeking or having Legal Representation!!!

This is not an issue of signing away percentages because it was only a Single 50/50 Co-Publishing Agreement with Zomba, a Major Music Publishing! Not only did this Major Music publisher Neglect to Protect their own Writer’s but they deliberately Failed to Pursue Interest in Copyright Infringements associated to hundreds of millions of dollars…

Why do you think that a company that has a (50) Fifty Percent Interest in Musical Works would actually refuse to pursue claims which were supported by factual documentation, split-sheets, certified mail receipts and certified, sealed copyrights?

Why is it while you attempt to pursue your claims and allegations, you are met with Violence, Harassment, Accusations and Coincidental Hardships? 

It is your individual decision to ignore my recommendations and warnings regarding conducting business in that industry from experienced individuals.


For twenty years, those in position have had a head start on ensuring that I was left in the dark while all of the gory details have been blamed on me. For twenty years, people have just accepted without question whatever excuse that has been provided to them. For twenty years, people have conspired to hide the truth. 

I know that I am not the only one that has been wronged! Trust me, I know…


However, I am the only one that has to fight teams, groups and EVERYONE! I have and continue to face extreme opposition!

For supporting documentation, please visit:

Unfair and Unnecessary Opposition

                        20+ Years is Enough!



Although, it is important for you to view the music industry as a business and not just see the people who are in front of you or those who have been presented to you. In most cases, these individuals that are presented to you are mere representatives of interested parties or groups.

The business side of the music business is a complicated, compounded structure because there are many parts moving in connection to others. Racism and sexism has definitely played its role in this.

With the kind of power that comes from a billion dollar industry, over the years there has been people who have come together to form alliances because history has proven that there is safety in numbers. These groups are referred to by many names but the purpose was to prevent these people with power and money from brutally inflicting their own philosophies onto individual victims without recourse.

These same groups that were meant to prevent those with power and money from brutally inflicting their own philosophies onto individual victims without recourse; instead chose to use their resources in the same manner that they were established to prevent.

While infiltrating the situation, each entity completely disregarded the individual most likely because of race and sex. 

In fact, she was denied proper resolution due to her lack of status and their own male chauvinistic views.

Suddenly, this individual stands up for herself and refused to accept others preconceived notions about what her position should be.

I was that female and I had no knowledge of what was going on behind the scenes. I only knew that I was being persecuted by powerful groups and entities that ensured that many other groups were also affected to secure their compliance and the public’s complacency. After writing (3) three books on my experiences, I decided to start a publishing company so that I can ensure that my work remains whole and so that I could increase awareness. At every turn, I have been hindered and my company has been subjected to multiple, unfair trade practices and unfair competition. 

For more supporting documentation, please visit:

Unfair and Unnecessary Opposition


Although financial gain was their goal, somehow the situation was manipulated and transformed into some righteous plight. They made the conscious decision to go with the ‘normal’ process or this twisted ‘game’ where they send their representatives to line up to come for you as a show of power. 

Many individuals infiltrated my life; family and friends with the sole purpose of penalizing her for not cooperating with their undisclosed plans. They combined the efforts of a male dominated system and covered all bases to ensure oppression all while I am forced to carry blame.


For twenty years, they have used their positions and have lied, connived, manipulated and murdered to ensure that all assistance is thwarted. They present her in whatever way will prevent support when they were responsible due to their own greed. There lies are burrowed so deep into the minds of many so that the only thing that will break through is the ‘Ugly Truth.’


Although she maintained copyrights, legal representation, supporting
documentation, etc… but EVERYTHING was ignored and she was never able to secure
thousands for a legal retainer or find proper counsel that would be equipped to
pursue litigation. 

I decided that since I don’t have an army of people behind me and because every door (seemingly) has been blocked due to others lies and manipulations. I felt that this is the only way to defend myself and my actions after twenty years of carrying the weight of the world. I waited, hoped, tried and begged for help prior to making this decision. I write in the hopes that these books and websites will reach the right person that is in a position to assist in resolving this nightmare.

With each attempt to obtain freedom, these individuals completely manipulated the situation to place blame on the initial victim. They continue to present her efforts as a form of betrayal when in reality they were no different than the initial individuals they pretended to intervene with. They offer compensation and acceptance to anyone who assist.

For more supporting documentation, please visit:


Unfair and Unnecessary Opposition

                       20+ Years is Enough!


For over twenty years, they have stolen my entire life and I refuse to allow any of them to continue to profit from this situation. From the bottom to the top of this food chain, these individuals will be forced to accept responsibility for the actions and participation in this man-made nightmare.

People are always mocking me for being naïve when trusting family and friends by allowing myself to be used but they all are being used in the deliberate torture and abuse of another human being for the benefit of those who are truly responsible. Each of these groups use the public by lying, hurting others, manipulating and by making false promises. They use every resource know to mankind, from technology to simply using misinformed human beings.

It pains what’s left of my heart to see so many cooperate with their plans to prevent justice and circumvent the truth of this situation. I will continue to fight this abuse of power and undo the many decades of lies and to tear down the walls that were built against my efforts.

I have seen people crushed when forced to participate in inflicting harm. I have seen people intimidated into cooperating. I have seen more than my fair share of those who enjoy this twisted process of dehumanization. I have seen it all but it does not weaken my resolve. I have endured more heinous acts than those deemed the worst human beings in order to induce suicide so that others may be absolved of their contributions to maintaining this modern day slavery.

Inaction is truly the greatest sin of all!

No matter how it is presented, this situation is more than the usual ‘games’ and those who pretend as if it is a game – IT IS NOT! 

Real people are really being hurt, violated and abused by this mass manipulation!

Just because the world is morally challenged does not mean that we should blindly follow because it is more likely that you are being led by deceivers. This is not about any one man’s actions or about love, just manipulation after manipulation. This is not about revenge because I attempted to move on with my life but the opposition became too great.

The initial individuals along with the groups that were supposed to prevent those with power and money from brutally inflicting their own philosophies onto individual victims without recourse are all GUILTY of the same crimes! Instead of using their positions to correct or even address matters, these entities chose to add intimidation and joint efforts to compound the situation. Instead of messages of hope and encouragement, I received further abuse initiated to induce harm and hopelessness.

Yes; after twenty years of enduring all kinds of deliberate, man-made atrocities, I am taking no prisoners and the gloves are off. I would never assist in deliberately hurting another human being. I am no saint but I am a far cry from being like those who could stand by and allow the destruction of lives. I know that it will be difficult to go up against twenty years of deceit and manipulations against myself but I have no other choice.

If you are an artist, writer or producer or just an interested party, know that my plight and these titles divulge the true facts and proof regarding the behind the scenes process that others will never tell.

Well I have developed these titles and websites in order to provide a much needed product unlike no other. these products can be used to prevent this from happening on this large a scale to someone else. These products can prevent further destruction of lives by preparing others. Of course, it is my goal to use any profits to buy my freedom and provide protection from this system that continues to refuse to recognize my humanity.

Although my intentions have never been to hurt anyone, when people buy everyday products they don’t evaluate the maker’s intentions. People simply buy what they need and a good product speaks for itself.

Although you may not know it, YOU need this product in order to see the world and how even in year of 2014, people can be deliberately sacrificed, subjected out of greed and hate with the cooperation of many right under your noses. It’s time for a Change!

In history we learn about those who stood up for what is right; yet, Rosa Parks died in a simple home with very little for her sacrifice. Other who have made great sacrifices for the greater good but we as human beings do not live as if we appreciate the message that they sent. I am no Hero or Savior but I believe in standing up for yourself and for what is right. These books provide documented proof of these tactics and methods used and promoted exposing hardcore corruption involving Officials and the Music Business.

There have been too much negativity associated with my efforts to obtain freedom. It is like as long as you go along with the destruction of others then you will be rewarded and if not you will receive some ridiculously low figure for your decades of man-made hell.

I am not that type of person who would assist and I will not allow anyone to force me to accept sub-human compensation for my twenty-seven plus years of deliberately inflicted abuse…

All the torture in the world will not change that.

Although I have sold no copies, it is not all about my profits but the only way to get true justice is to have an effect on the profits!

Those who dehumanize and allow the dehumanization of mankind for profits will definitely intervene when facts are presented that reduce the number of victims and supporters for this type of system.

For more information regarding these events, additional supporting documentation can be found at: 


Or Click Here!


Tiwanda ‘Ne Ne’ Lovelace,
Founder of Seven West Productions


Find the answers to the many questions regarding how the music industry and this ‘system’ continues to operate with impunity in E.O.A.A. Educating Our Aspiring Artist Weekly Articles Sponsored by SWP, LLC…Subscribe!

Those rights that you believe that you have and are counting own having are simply non-existent. Your copyrights are useless because the courts that are supposed to enforce the laws will bend to the will of the rich and powerful.

I didn’t just run out and write a tell-all book. It wasn’t until many years later that I decided to write my first book on the subject entitled, Music Business: It’s a Dirty Game!

I feel that these Articles and books differ because it doesn’t just give you words from one person’s viewpoint, it provides step by step documentation proving how the artist works are stolen and how they are able to continue stealing lives with this modern day form of enslavement. 

These books use contracts with major music publisher, copyrights, court records and more to demonstrate tactics used to steal, oppress and destroy lives.

My plight is not just about a broken heart, it’s not about greed, and it’s not about revenge. I don’t have time to be running around blaming and trying to hurt people. I am too busy struggling and trying to live. It’s about obtaining true freedom from oppressors who have deliberately used lies, money, power and positions to create a form of enslavement. 

  Being that Music is affecting so many lives, a part of 

everyone’s life and that it is in everything from politics to 

religion…denying individuals their rights is bad business and 

we should all make music our business to prevent this from 

continuing to destroy lives!

Learn, don’t get burned!
Shop our Publications!

Tiwanda “Ne Ne” Lovelace
Founder, Managing Member of Seven West Productions, LLC,
Blog Enthusiast, Author, Lyricist and Poet


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Find the answers to the many questions regarding how the music industry and this ‘system’ continues to operate with impunity in E.O.A.A. Educating Our Aspiring Artist  Weekly Articles Sponsored by SWP, LLC…Subscribe!

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For more detailed information regarding the many groups and what it means to be properly aligned, I encourage you to read Music Business: It’s a Dirty Game!
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Learn, don’t get burned!
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A young man attempted to berate my fight for 

my rights by referencing the dates as if 
violations of my civil rights expires or that it 
does not matter. 
Chains – 
Invisible or Visible 
are still…Chains!
There are no Statutes of Limitations 
on Violations of Civil Rights, Threats and 
Intimidation Tactics, Obstruction of Justice, 
mail tampering, deliberate abuse, etc..!
Just because I am Black does not negate my 
rights to justice!
Just because I am a Woman does not invalidate 
my copyrights!
Just because I am not a man does not make it 
okay to use their positions and power to 
manipulate or orchestrate events 
to circumvent justice!


Everyday and in Every way, 
I will fight for my rights to justice. 
I could accept it if I had set out to do harm or if I had not protected myself with copyrights and 
if I did not maintain thorough documentation 
but for them to just gang up, line up to take my materials and then attempt to cause duress and influence suicide…


They sought me out with hate in their heart!



Music Business: It’s a Dirty Game!
Autobiography of Tiwanda Gail ‘Ne Ne’ Lovelace
Not Everyone Buckles Under Pressure,
Not Everyone Goes Insane…
Some Just Write a Book About It!
Written by Lovelace, she exposes corruption in the music industry. She proves it using supporting documents, copyrights, public records, court documents, journal entries, and contracts. 
Many have found Lovelace’s book to be an interesting and thought-driven read. Having been in the music industry since 1991, our company has more than 21 years of experience. She is now determined to help others before they sign a contract with a major company. It is her goal to ensure that every aspiring artist is fully equipped before they sign.
Lovelace also recognizes that almost everyone knows someone who is an aspiring artist, musician, producer or dancer. We also recognized that well-informed people, make better decisions so by fully equipping our youth with knowledge obtained from others experiences, we can prevent them from being victimize; therefore, have less prodigal sons and daughters. 
Since I have received an extreme amount of opposition, I need your help raising awareness and reaching others who are in a position to work through organizations/foundations or companies to fully equip our aspiring young adult artist.
SWP, LLC has compiled a set of books which shed light on the
darkest side of the business of music. SWP, LLC not only provides the un-cut,
jaw-dropping truth but they provide factual information and documented proof.
SWP provides much needed information that cannot be found
elsewhere to those interested in the Music Business and Aspiring Artist. These
titles are informational, educational and are not just for entertainment
There are no other Books that will provide extensive
knowledge regarding their process and how entertainment\ law will not help
against these powerful lawyers who control the business.  
These publications are not easily accessible
through mainstream publishers solely due to the information provided within and
due to conflicting with the goals of a billion dollar industry.
SWP, LLC has compiled a set of books which shed light on the
darkest side of the business of music. These titles are informational and not
just for entertainment purposes.
I feel that these Articles and books differ because it
doesn’t just give you words from one person’s viewpoint, it provides step by
step documentation proving how the artist works are stolen and how they are
able to continue stealing lives with this modern day form of enslavement. This book
uses contracts with major music publisher, copyrights, court records and more
to demonstrate tactics used to steal, oppress and destroy lives.
My plight is not just about a broken heart, it’s not about
greed, and it’s not about revenge.
Being that Music is affect so many and it is a part of
everyone’s life – from politics to religion…
Many aspiring artist, writers and producers are being denied
the opportunity to even seek or pursue their claims of ‘conflict of interest’
and copyright infringements because of blatant corruption. 
Instead, their
plight to obtain justice is hindered and events are manipulated that turn their
lives into a spectacle. This is bad business and we should all make the music
industry our business in order to prevent this industry from destroying more
Copyright © 2013 Created and Written by Tiwanda ‘Ne Ne’
Lovelace All rights reserved.
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