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Corruption Causes Inaction, which effects EVERYONE!

Created & Written By Tiwanda ‘Ne Ne’ Lovelace 

E.O.A.A. Weekly News Article: Thursday, September 10, 2015 
Corruption Leads Inaction
Even with substantial proof of deliberate criminal acts, 
unethical behavior, corruption, etc…I am being denied any 
and all legal assistance and/or legal representation and ALL 
of the agencies, organizations and groups that are supposed 
to address these allegations are pretending that they don’t 
see the rapes, the murders, civil rights violations and more!
I have multiple letters which blatantly disregard proof…It is not the lack of education but it is the corruption that is the reason why JUSTICE is impeded and hindered! 


I think that I am communicating very well…Don’t you think so?

Still Fighting For My Rights!

Created & Written By Tiwanda ‘Ne Ne’ Lovelace 

E.O.A.A. Weekly News Article: Friday, August 12, 2015 Updated August 17, 2015
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Still Fighting For My Rights…

As much as I would like to spend my time blogging, I have had to focus my attention on other pressing matters – like shelter, etc….

As many are already aware, the more that you stand up for yourself, the harder the fight. I have been forced to fight many battles recently; old and new so this has taken a lot of time from my business ventures. I am in the process of relocating so my articles will cease for now but please feel free to browse my previous post to review valuable information regarding your future endeavors.

Still Fighting For My Rights…

As much as I would like to spend my time blogging, I have had to focus my attention on other pressing matters – like shelter, etc….

I need you to take a minute and review this blog, my other blogs and websites…review the many years of deliberate abuse, deprivation of rights, major entities and groups that have blatantly bullied, harassed, persecuted and blamed for their atrocities. 

I have been completely disrespected, betrayed, sacrificed, scorned, robbed and violated. I raised my children up right. I have never been strung out on drugs nor do I have any issues with alcohol. I am a well-rounded individual, with good sense. I am a decent human being. I have always been a hard working and innovative person so why is it that I have to be forced to be subjected to such disrespect by all?

These deliberate atrocities and deprivation of rights has not only been ignored but encouraged for decades….




I am working on my next title which will be right to the point so that readers won’t have to scan 300+ pages before they receive the shockingly unbelievable truth about what actually happened behind the scenes to ensure the continued deprivation of rights through blame for loss of life. 

This next title will clearly provide the cold hard Truth and only focusing on the corruption cover-ups, violence, rapes, intimidation and bullying perpetrated for the purposes of justifying deliberate atrocities and the continued violation and deprivation of rights. 

I have spent many years combating the worst of the worst kinds of people and no matter where your interest lie, if you are aspiring for more out of life…the information found on this blog can assist in preparing you for the way the world really works for most rather than how your were taught.

People are constantly saying, ‘that’s the past’ but sweetheart – this is happening today!

In all of my years, one thing is clear…I am allegedly supposed to be an uneducated idiot or that I am supposed to just lay down and die because I am unpopular with a lot of popular, well-connected individuals and groups that are insistent on blatantly ignoring human and civil rights.

I assure you that this was not an intelligent thing to do to someone who has already experienced firsthand, obstruction of justice at the hands of the Courts.

It has been decades of this premeditated acts so I have also attempted to send a fax request to the FBI – DC/VA AND FBI – GA,  regarding blatant criminal activity, civil rights violations, corruption and obstruction of justice. I sent an email to the email addresses that were listed and according to my email server, the messages were successful. However, I am concerned that I will receive the same results as when I walked (in person) into the FBI office in Las Vegas, NV. The Las Vegas office showed no interest in pursuing any criminal activity; which included allegations of rape, murder, civil rights violations, mail tampering, etc…It would appear that the modern day response is, ‘Deny, Ignore, deny…!’

That same day, I get a phone call from an alleged ‘loved one’ advising me that I am not welcome at their house…Coincidence?

So once again, I have followed the rules only to have snakes counter my actions which only provides time for more abuse and opportunity for those who refuse to take responsibility to rape, violate, harass and persecute while others idly, sit in judgment.

Due  to my extensive, supporting documentation, I was hoping to have obtained some legal assistance or at least found some human beings that can actually help by now.

Let me be clear, I am still seeking proper resolution because what you call ‘the past’ is still being used to deprive me of Life, Liberty and Justice. What’s worse is that it is not ‘my past’ but others ‘past’ that I am being forced to carry. I was born into this and all I wanted to do was to write…WOW!

I am on my way back to Las Vegas, NV and as nice as the weather is…it is never a good time for me! I know that they have been missing me (with every bullet so far)!

I guess that I will still be fighting until I can finally reach some human beings that don’t  blame me for things that were never in my control! On that note, I forgot to mention the constant mocking (that I also have recorded) about ‘sob stories’…I must mention that the only real ‘sob story’ is that we live in a society that ALLOWS the deprivation of rights publicly for decades.

Please review the detailed information listed in the attached PDF file or visit the URL below :

General Request for assistance with major corruption
1-40 pgs:




AVAILABLE @: http://shop.7westpublishing.com


Invisible- http://www.spreaker.com/show/1202930/episodes/feed

MMM – http://www.spreaker.com/show/1095527/episodes/feed

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Let’s Face the Music!

Created & Written By Tiwanda ‘Ne Ne’ Lovelace Bio | Email Website | Twitter | YouTube | Online Store
E.O.A.A. Weekly News Article: Friday, February 13, 2015

Let’s Face the Music!

Let’s face it, even though you may or may not have ties to the music business – you have heard some of the horror stories associated with the business. Although many lives are continuously lost, many aspiring artist are still sending in their demos and running to give their musical works away hoping to make their dreams come true.
For decades we have all heard about artist not getting paid but the first thing you think is one of the following:
1. They did not have their copyrights or they failed to protect their work…Or
2. They did not have legal representation…Or
3. You may actually believe that the individual was at fault….Or
4. You may think they it would never happen to you.
I used to think this was the case but I was so WRONG! 
Although many have protected themselves in every way, many artist, writers and producers have been denied the opportunity to even pursue their claims and are forced to fight for their rights.
1. It’s not just a simple matter of another artist taking credit or a simple issue of copyright infringements. It’s not  just about the music!
2. The initial lawyer will encouraged signing a standard contract with low figures. They may not tell you that when the deal sours or goes bad, that you will need tens of thousands for a legal retainer.
3. They will not tell you about the major issues with ‘conflict of interest between entertainment attorneys within the music industry.
4. They will not tell you about the fact that the courts will not even review your evidence because the ‘system’ is set in place to deny you any other recourse.
5. They will not tell you those behind the scene will be putting too much emphasis on trying to use the music for dual purposes and the ‘double dealing.’
6. They will not tell you that those rights that you believe that you have and are counting on having are simply non-existent when your claims involves millions of dollars and well connected individuals.
Dual Purpose Use: This is when after signing, the artist works are utilized against the aspiring artist in an effort to induce harm and even suicidal responses from the helplessness of being unable to secure representation or assistance.
Double-Dealing: This is when the aspiring artist’s compositions, lyrical works and compilations are spread across multiple labels for use and to be ‘gutted!’ In some cases, this is after falling victim to the ‘twisted’ contract presented by local production company or some want to be ‘slick’ producer. 
FYI: Personally, I was encouraged by legal counsel and I only signed a single 50/50 co-publishing agreement with a major music publisher- Zomba. 
There were no other management or production agreements to justify non-payment for the numerous works that I submitted under Seven West Productions. 
I never received a dime for all of my ‘works’ but I was forced to listen to my ‘gutted’ works reach the top of the charts. However, I received many threats, persecution and intimidation methods used to insist that I surrender.
Apparently, it is an acceptable behavior to refuse compensation for many individuals. 

I guess that the thought of actually paying people for their hard work and encouraging treating aspiring artist like human beings is completely out of the question.
The truth of the matter is that they give you so many enemies and physically hurt too many people to the point where you have to deal with an over-whelming amount of opposition. Don’t be naive and believe that these entities won’t take it to the ‘streets!’ 
Of course, there are many different groups that can actually provide some kind of shelter but it depends on how far down the figurative ‘rabbit-hole’ that you have gone. It depends on how much damage has ensued while you were tending to your ‘wounds.’
Remember, this ‘business’ has eyes and ears everywhere and they saw you coming before you arrived on the scene. 
Being properly aligned doesn’t necessarily ensure that all your dreams will come true instantly. 
In fact; when you stand up to defend your work, you may be interfering with someone’s million dollar deal or cause conflict amongst very dangerous groups. 
Instead, these subjected artist, writers and producers are forced into ‘gladiator’ type scenarios where hate filled crowds provoke and prepare to be entertained by the violence among friends and foes. Each, ferociously fighting each other in a battle to the death over royalties.
These aspiring artist, writers and producers must first get through a gauntlet paved with haters whose sole purpose is to destroy and prevent you from progressing or getting anywhere and even worse.
My point is that I don’t think that you can really compare the music industry to other industries because other industries are held accountable when they blatantly violate individuals.
This cannot be said about the music business because they operate with impunity for decades! Their victims deserve more than being accused of being bitter or embittered.
It is your decision as to whether you choose to ignore the recommendations and warnings regarding conducting business from experienced individuals those in that industry.
Every week, we provide information related to shedding light on the darkest parts of the Music industry and we expose the ‘system’ that allows these illegal activities to continue to operate with impunity.
I would like to encourage you to read up on what’s really going on before you jump in with both feet. Even if you feel like you are well connected and have support, be prepared and fully equipped by learning about the tactics and methods used to steal lives.   
In my articles and books, I provide actual steps that can be taken in order to avoid pitfalls and I provide information to assist in preventing victims.
For more detailed information, please review previous articles and actual documentation which supports all accusations and proves unethical, illegal activities which are supported by the ‘system’ that is supposed to protect your rights!


Watch Videos at our Official Website: 

CONFLICT OF INTEREST – How does it affect your Music Career?
Is Age a Factor in the Music Business?
Is College a Cure-All for a Career in Music?
What’s In Your Contract?

These titles clearly describes how some of these individuals work together to conspire against their own artist and others.

Find out who we are!



Tiwanda ‘Ne Ne’ Lovelace of Seven West Productions, LLC has been in the music industry since 1991, our company has more than 21 years of experience. She is now determined to help others before they sign a contract with a major company. It is her goal to ensure that every aspiring artist is fully equipped before they sign. 

Unlike most authors, Lovelace will not only tell you exactly how it is AND will provide documented proof. I provide uncut truth with a direct approach. These titles are informational and not for entertainment purposes.

SWP has compiled a set of publications which provides detailed information regarding methods and tactics used by the Music Business. These thought driven, life changing publications are not easily accessible through mainstream publishers solely due to the information provided within conflicts with the goals of a billion dollar industry.

Available @: http://shop.7westpublishing.com

These thought driven, life changing publications are not easily accessible through mainstream publishers solely due to the information provided within conflicts with the goals of a billion dollar industry.

Lovelace has created the following publications:

1. Keeping your Children Safe Online: Step by step tutorial and guide to the basics on how parents who are not computer savvy can prevent, limit and supervise their children’s online activities.

2. Music Business: It’s a Dirty Game: This title exposes corruption in the music industry. She proves it using supporting documents, copyrights, public records, court documents, journal entries, and contracts.

ISBN: 978-0-98962253-0 Printed

ISBN: 978-0-9896225-9-2 eBook

3. INVISIBLE: Living without Rights in America: 

The court system has been placed under the microscope from the view of the everyday citizen to reveal how it really works for the less fortunate. Therefore, by limiting assistance and preventing Due Process they enslave individuals by using their money, power and positions to deny rights that should be guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States of America.

ISBN 978-0-98962255-4 eBook

4. Music Murder and Mayhem-A True Story: An un-cut non- fiction description of how the music entertainment business murders its artist and writers quietly behind the scenes. People assume that artist just sign bad deals that allow producers or managers to take everything but this is not always the case.

ISBN 978-0-9896225-4-7 Printed

ISBN 978-0-9896225-8-5 Audiobook

ISBN 978-0-9896225-7-8 eBook 

5. Antitrust Brief: The Business of Music – Made Visible: View never seen before documents which demonstrate how the Business of Music Operates with Impunity for decades! 
There are no other books that provide extensive knowledge. These publications are not easily accessible through mainstream publishers solely due to the information provided within and due to conflicting with the goals of a billion dollar industry.

Throughout the decades, it has been said that I have been subjected to public humiliation and dehumanization because I have not graduated college. 

I can assure you that not only have I produced proof of blatant deliberate violations of my human and civil rights inside Music Business: It’s a Dirty Game, Music Murder and Mayhem – A True Story, INVISIBLE: Living in America without Rights -2014!I’m going to need whoever it is that is doing drugs while reading from a script to stop lying to the public!

Stop lying and blaming my deliberate oppression on a lack of a college degree. Going back to college is not going to make greedy lawyers, politicians, racist, liars, bullies and revenge seekers – recognize me as a human being.

Going back to college is not going to make the courts and this system miraculously recognize my valid substantiated claims (that were previously ignored).

Going back to college is not going to erase the lies and blame that has been placed on me and that I have been forced to carry by ruthless cowards!

Going back to college is not going to miraculously give me the rights that I have had repeatedly deprived and stolen from me.

Going back to college is not going to erase the murders of innocents and otherwise; committed by the greedy, the haters and the revenge seekers.

Going back to college is not going to make me forget that a legion of my fellow American citizens, co-workers, friends and family attempted to induce suicidal actions as a result of vilification, alienation and oppression just so that they can continue to hide the truth.

I am glad to disappoint and I would never; especially, when I know better.

My plight is not just about a broken heart, it’s not about greed, and it’s not about revenge. It’s about obtaining true freedom from oppressors who have deliberately used money, power and positions to create a form of enslavement.

My Titles demonstrate decades of torture and abuse. 


Contact Information:
Tiwanda Lovelace, Founder and Managing Member
Seven West Productions, LLC
P. O. Box 400001
Las Vegas, NV 89140
Phone: (877) 885-2944 or (702) 273-0755
Online Store:
Printed versons – http://shop.7westpublishing.com
eBook versions – http://shop7westpublishing.com

Bragging rights

I have survived decades of deliberate violations and heinous acts bestowed upon me by a system that betrays it’s own! 
It would appear to many that I am not bothered by my situation simply because I am not in a constant state of panic and running around like a maniac Guess what, you won’t never see that again. 
I have already done that dance. In fact, I have resorted to trying every method known to mankind to obtain freedom.
I will never give those the satisfaction of seeing me tremble at the horrific events that I have been forced to be personally subjected to. 
Just because I am not spending every day in an uproar does not mean that this is acceptable. Just because I am not running to the same groups that assisted with initiating this madness does not make this acceptable. 
I am so thoroughly disgusted at all of the events that have transpired but I will not allow my health, my mental or emotional stability to be affected because of my current ‘situation’ that is being misrepresented to the public.
This is not okay and no one should have to be subjected to this way of life.
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Created and Written by Tiwanda ‘Ne Ne’ Lovelace 

Bio Email Website | Twitter | YouTube | Online Store

E.O.A.A. Weekly News Article: Friday, January 16, 2015 
Next Article will post – 01-16-2015!

All rights reserved. No part of this blog or books may be reproduced in any form or by electronic or mechanical means, including information storage or retrieval system, without permission in writing from the publisher, except by a reviewer who may quote brief passages.

About Us:

Who we are?

Seven West Productions, LLC is a publishing company that is dedicated to educating our aspiring artist, writers and producers regarding the business of music through the use of books, comic strips, framed poetry and blogs. 

Why we sell the items you sell?         

SWP has compiled a set of publications which provides detailed information regarding methods and tactics used by the Music Business. These thought driven, life changing publications and other products are not easily accessible through mainstream publishers solely due to the information provided within conflicts with the goals of a billion dollar industry.

Tiwanda ‘Ne Ne’ Lovelace of Seven West Productions, was like many other unknown artists who were used and then discarded by the music industry. Lovelace was contracted with Zomba, a major music publishing company for Jive Records – now BMG-Zomba publishing company. It was then placed within Universal Music Publishing Group, becoming the world’s largest music publishing business.


Instead of administering her publishing by securing copyrights and ensuring that her works were protected, the major publishing company neglected all their contractual obligations. However, what they didn’t count on was that she had secured copyrights and maintained all related documentation.

After Zomba’s representatives failed attempts at having her sign management contracts with their Producers, she was provided with music tracks and encouraged to build her own team. Lovelace submitting and discussed 40+ songs, but it became clear that there was no intention of honoring that Agreement.

Other than the small amount received for the initial song placement, she never received a dime but she was forced to listen to her materials on the radio that were ‘gutted.’ However, she did received threats and became victims of acts of violence and civil rights violations.

Having been in the music industry since 1991, our company has more than 21 years of experience. She is now determined to help others before they sign a contract with a major company. It is her goal to ensure that every aspiring artist is fully equipped before they sign.

Unlike most authors, Lovelace will not only tell you exactly how it is but will provide documented proof. She provides uncut truth with a direct approach. These titles are informational and not for entertainment purposes.

Emotionally charged, her titles clearly express the pain and anger of being betrayed, sacrificed and scorned. Her story is of an unknown artist that that was subjected to continued acts of violence and oppression.

Our titles are presented through this artist/writer’s eyes while experiencing multiple tragedies and events. Inside, are the actual documentation and files used to demonstrate some of the tactics used to steal artist lives, deny rights and enslave the artist. These title are compiled using personal journals, public records, contracts, copyrights and other documentation which demonstrates how it is allowed to continue.

We hope that these books reached those who are unaware of the fact that even though the world is changing; it doesn’t change for all. 

Although some have been treated horribly by many, we should still treat people with courtesy and decency. We believe that this is where real change can start. 


We also recognized that well-informed people, make better decisions so by fully equipping our youth with knowledge obtained from others experiences, we can prevent them from being victimized by the business of music. 


Where you are located?

We are currently located in Las Vegas, NV  – U.S A


When did we start this business?

Although legally established in February 2013, Seven West Productions was originally created out of Detroit Michigan in April, 1995 as a music production company under a Co-Publishing agreement with Zomba Music Group/Jive Records.  

Currently, Seven West Productions is a publishing company designed to provide a voice to those who would otherwise be unable to express themselves. SWP released it’s first publication in January 2012 and has continued to add to our collection.


Who are the people on your team?

SWP is a very small group of people who support the companies goals and aspirations.

Tiwanda ‘Ne Ne’ Lovelace’s, Author & Founder of SWP, LLC – (click here ->): BIO


 What are our plans for the Future?

SWP, LLC  has plans to incorporate in 2015 in an effort to expand our reach and involve others who share our vision. 

We are currently seeking investors; both, domestic and international. 

We are seeking business partners who would like to participant in a positive and profitable venture!


Interested in Investing?

Here’s your chance to get involved! For your promotional   copies for review and a copy of SWP, LLC’s Business Plan.
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These entities can receive up to a 30% – 50% discount on publications/products designed and intended to prepare others for a future career in the music business.

These publications/products may be used and sold by any authorized re-seller for a profit at select events and/or fundraisers upon completed agreement.  For details and pricing, please refer to the SWP, LLC Platinum Member Agreement.

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“Artist, Writers and Producers – Beware!” Please use this link: http://musicbizadirtygame.blogspot.com/ For some unknown reason my WordPress Blog hasn’t been posting my scheduled Post correctly for the last two weeks… Copy Link – http://musicbizadirtygame.blogspot.com/2014/12/artist-writers-and-producers-beware.html

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Audio &Printed Copy Available – January 15, 2014

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eBook Orig. $9.99 

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If you have already researched books on the subject of the music business
then you have found that a lot of the books that are written denouncing the
industry are portrayed as fanatical, demonic and are downright comical. 
Personally, I am certain that there is a degree of evil involved in the
business and it is possible some individuals who would sell their souls for a
successful career but I didn’t look twice at those titles. 
It is almost as if those books are deliberately, readily accessible but the titles
that would truly provide insight are not as easy to find. 

Well, look no further…


By Tiwanda ‘Ne Ne’ Lovelace
An un-cut non-fiction description of how the music entertainment business
murders its artist and writers quietly behind the scenes.
People always say that the Music Business is a dirty business but they have
no full idea of to what extent. They assume that these artist just sign bad
deals that allow producers and managers to take everything but this is not
always the case.
It is important that people understand the ‘game’ and how it ultimately
affects others. They cut, chop and shop your work. Meanwhile, chaos ensues
when these victimized human beings wreak havoc fighting for these stolen
works and their share of royalties.
Industry people know ‘the game’ and they know how to manipulate
situations so that when you refuse to dehumanize yourself, drop to your
knees and allow them to take everything… they label you as trouble. As with
any business, there is competition and the struggle for power and money.
This book describes how those with money, power, and position use mass
manipulation to discredit, its use of technology to spy, use of threats and
intimidation to isolate.  
This is about the struggle of one writer who was blessed with the
opportunity to survive and the will to refuse to settle for less. Realizing what
would be the point of a temporary relief from injustice and unwarranted
cruelty only to ultimately be subjected to the same inhumanity within a few
Like animals circling its prey, victims are surrounded, stalked, studied and
set-up. Like lambs led to slaughter, you won’t realize the severity of your
situation until you are knee deep in what I commonly refer to as a ‘shit-
storm’ of backstabbing friends, oppressing family members, snaking
strangers and money grubbing manipulators intent on keeping you
subjected and suppressed if they are unable to make a profit.
eBook Available – January 8, 2014
Printed Copy Available – January 15, 2014

Reserve your copy by submitting an email to  
by completing the contact form @ http://7westpublishing.com/

(20) Twenty Lucky Winner’s will receive a complimentary copy and will be

given an opportunity to provide a review!


biggest mug artwork
I had filed the copyrights listed
below and they were processed just
months prior to illegally obtained
warrant was issued.
          1.      PAu001720136 / January 7, 1993     “Collection
I-Tiwanda.” Lovelace, Tiwanda, 1967-
2.      PAu001721382 / March 4, 1993       “Collection
II-Tiwanda.” Lovelace, NeNe
Although Lovelace was reporting to Michigan Probation AS DIRECTED by Courts, there were no efforts were made to contact
and/or provide Notice of Hearing.  

That small print says: 

“The undersigned officer hereby certifies that a thorough and diligent search for the probationer listed in this warrant and affidavit has been made at but not limited to places of abode, known places of frequencies, and others and that His/Her whereabouts are unknown an cannot be located…” 

And this warrant was signed May 19, 1993 expires July 31, 1997

Warrant Used to Take Public Housing in Nevada
Why did this
police agency state that the warrants were valid in 2005 but unable to execute
due to budgetary constraints but when I lived in Georgia 2003/2004 there were
no efforts to arrest? I believe the warrant was serving its purpose, to inflict
damage, hinder and harm.
Michigan Inter-State Case Report
dated 08-2-1993
Although Lovelace was reporting to
Michigan Probation,
no efforts were made to contact and/or
provide notice. I was still reporting
(3) three months, unaware that the warrant
was issued on May 19, 1993. I was
just told that I no longer was to report to
Michigan Probation office. I
obtained this letter well after.
Michigan Inter-State Case Report
In all that

time, I never mention the fact that my
father was convicted of murdering a
police officer. I did not want to think
that people would hold that against
me or be this sinister. I did not want
to even go there besides I still had
faith in the legal system.
I filed the lawsuit in Forma Pauperis
After many years of attempting to resolve
this issue by submitting written request for correction, I filed a lawsuit in
Dekalb County Georgia against the Dekalb County Police and Dekalb County
Probation Office due to an illegally obtained warrant for my arrest, modification
of my record; which led to revocation of my First Offenders Act…without notice of hearing or opportunity
for rebuttal since record shows that I was reporting as directed by courts.
I filed my Complaint against both Defendants, Dekalb County Police and Dekalb County Probation Office
This is only the first few pages and a copy of the initial

The Judge had determined that under

Federal Law that there were stipulations with

regards to being able to file suit against the police

departments and ruled that I could proceed

with lawsuit.

Below is the Judges a partial
summary of the
case, frivolity determination, Order
for Clerk’s Office to Include Dekalb
County Police Dept. as Defendants

In addition to these
documents proving service,
Pacer Court records system also confirms processed…See Below:
Pacer Court records No.
7 – Order instructs Clerk’s Office to list Dekalb county Police
to complaint and to forward Plaintiff USM285 forms for completion.
Pacer Court records No.
8 – Plaintiff’s  USM285 forms and Summons
were completed and returned.
Pacer Court records No. 9 – Summons was issued for Defendants dekalb County
Yet, Defendants denied
being served.  
Pacer Court records No.
10 – Request for Waiver of Summons.

The dates and Court time-stamps confirm that Defendants were served properly but this was ignored. 

The Defendants denied receiving Summons 
The summons that they say that they never received!
Can you explain why does this form below
have her signature?
Yet, it is not included in their exhibits that
claim that they received.
Justice was not

served…but the Defendants were!
If I had missed a court deadline for
my response, the courts would have made
ruling against me. Instead, the courts
ignored Pacer court records and my Request
for Entry of Default; allowing the
injustice to continue. The Judges did not
address that problem with multiple
request for Correction regarding the Clerk’s
Office interfering with filings
due to:
1.    Clerk EXCLUDING A DEFENDANT clearly
     listed on Complaint.
2.    Clerk not providing Judge with
     correct/updated filings.
3.    Clerk not mailing copies to Defendants,
     although extra copies were

provided for service. While certain filings
     were mailed, others were neglected at
     their discretion.
4.    Clerks deliberately delayed forwarding
     motions to the Judges.
EVERYTHING  was processed and Defendants – Dekalb County
Police did not respond in the time allotted by procedure as directed by courts.
Suddenly and without

cause the case was reassigned to a
different Judge after Plaintiff (Lovelace)
filed for Motion to Request Entry of
Months later…
There is no excuse for blatantly circumventing justice.
The initial Judge ruled that the police
could be an entity that could be sued… 

Every filing was submitted in
triplicate and I maintained certified
mailer receipts for the ones that I
mailed. Courts records prove that
they were served.

To Be Continued…

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