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Music Business: It’s a Dirty Game!
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What’s makes this book so different?

Music Business: It’s A Dirty Game! 

1. How does this book differ from other books written by those involved with the music industry?

This book will take you on a journey from the excitement of having a music publishing contract with a major music company to the realization that slavery still exist because you have been working for free. This book provides supporting documentation which confirms allegations of copyright infringements, civil rights violations and other reprehensible acts.

2. Why is this project so important?

This book is a ‘Game Changer’; in that, the music industry will not be able to continue to deceive using contracts that stipulates which infringements that they can and will pursue.  It will ensure that future aspiring artist will not be subjected to the same tactics because they will know which parts of the contract to address because they read “Music Business: It’s a Dirty Game!.” 

3. If “Music Business: It’s a Dirty Game!” is available online, why do you need printed copies?

“Music Business: It’s a Dirty Game!”is currently available at Amazon and Lulu but they do not have the completed revised copy. 

The benefit of having printed copies will ensure my work is kept whole and that it can be used as a reference in full page size.

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Watch my Kickstarter video..

Watch my Kickstarter video…

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It is my goal to reach EVERY aspiring artist, high school and School of the Arts graduate! Printed copies will ensure that my message remains whole. 

I never stop until my goal is reached and even then I don’t know when to stop fighting…

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Music Business: It’s A Dirty Game!
Autobiography of Tiwanda Gail ‘Ne Ne’ Lovelace

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There is no statute of limitations on civil rights violations....I am still looking for representation!

IT'S NOT OKAY!! ...about my decades of abuse, public display, unnecessary atrocities, and blatant violations of my rights ...IT'S NOT OKAY!

Especially, when I got documented proof of my accusations and allegations against the music industry and the system that supports them.

Its not a matter of not enough education or a matter of life lessons learned...this WAS and IS DELIBERATE violation of rights and obstruction of justice!!!