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News: Corruption Exposed!

Your Rights CAN Be Deprived! Created & Written By Tiwanda ‘Ne Ne’ Lovelace

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If my products were not in conflict with a billion dollar industry would their be this much opposition? Review more proof @

While promoting and marketing the following titles, Seven West Productions, LLC has faced multiple acts that can easily be described as Unfair Trade Practices and Unfair Competition.

These Titles shown below, shed light on the darkest parts of the music business AND the ‘system’ that uses and/or allows this industry to operate with impunity!


Music, Murder and Mayhem – A True Story!

INVISIBLE: Living in America without Rights!

When an entity interferes or when too many instances of convenient tampering or editing of websites and blogs sites, deliberately interfering with a competitors business interest by blocking content and/or impeding a competitors sales can at the least contribute to Unfair Trade Practices among the many other criminal and/or questionable activities.

Google Search shows my book for $0.99 but of course this is not correct. Amazon has the correct price $19.99 but Google displayed this search results. Yes, I have asked them to remove listing repeatedly.

Finally, I was able to have MusicBusiness: It’s a Dirty Game! – removed from their Google Books and Google Play websites.

In an effort to maintain day to day operations, I am in the process of developing a few projects with resins, wires, framed art, marketing ideas and campaigns that will hopefully lead to having a storefront. I really find peace and tranquility when I am creating so actually having others take an interest is an added blessing.

Thank you again for your interest and consideration,
Tiwanda Lovelace


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My name is Tiwanda ‘Ne Ne’ Lovelace and I like to keep busy writing and creating Art, Jewelry, books, etc. I am an Innovator, Writer, Author, Artist, Painter, Lyricist, Creative, Project Manager, Entrepreneur, Founder & Manager at Seven West Productions, LLC. Although I use Etsy(dot)com/shop/7westpublishing(dot) and for my handmade jewelry, my company has a variety of products from Jewelry, T-Shirts, Framed Poetry and art, Books, eBooks and Audio-books.

My personal experiences have given me a new perspective on life and the importance of maintaining a balanced and healthy attitude towards life. It is important that we as individuals do not allow ourselves to be consumed by our quest. While overcoming obstacles, I always find peace and tranquility in creating each of these handmade pieces and publications.

Due to ‘obstruction of justice’ and civil rights violations, Lovelace is still seeking legal assistance. Proof of allegations can be found at:

Everyone has a story but the atrocities that have been allowed to continue blatantly will shock even the most weathered individual…If you are interested learning more about some of these challenges and obstacles, please visit: requestforlegalhelp(dot)com

Seven West Productions has a variety of products from Jewelry, T-Shirts, Framed Poetry and art, Books, eBooks and Audio-books. Seven West Productions, LLC has also compiled a set of publications which demonstrate firsthand what traps await our young aspiring artist by providing detailed information regarding methods and tactics used.

There are no other books that will provide extensive knowledge regarding their process. These publications are not easily accessible through mainstream publishers solely due to the information provided within and due to conflicting with the goals of a billion-dollar industry.

Review documentation which supports ALL allegations @


Let’s face it, even though you may or may not have ties to the music business – you have heard some of the horror stories associated with the business. Although many lives are continuously lost, many aspiring artist are still sending in their demos and running to give their musical works away hoping to make their dreams come true.

For decades we have all heard about artist not getting paid but the first thing you think is one of the following:

1. They did not have their copyrights or they failed to protect their work.   Or
2. They did not have legal representation.   Or
3. You may actually believe that the individual was at fault….  Or
4. You may think that it would never happen to you.

You would be WRONG!

Although many have protected themselves in every way, many artist, writers and producers have been denied the opportunity to even pursue their claims and are forced to fight for their rights.

1. It’s not just a simple matter of another artist taking credit or a simple issue of copyright infringements.

2. The initial lawyer will encouraged signing a standard contract with low figures. They may not tell you that when the deal sours or goes bad, that you will need tens of thousands for a legal retainer.

3. They will not tell you about the major issues with ‘conflict of interest between entertainment attorneys within the music industry.

4. They will not tell you about the fact that the courts will not even review your evidence because the ‘system’ is set in place to deny you any other recourse.

5. They will not tell you that those behind the scene will be putting too much emphasis on trying to use the music for dual purposes and the ‘double dealing.’

Dual Purpose Use: This is when after signing, the artist works are utilized against the aspiring artist in an effort to induce harm and even suicidal responses from the helplessness of being unable to secure representation or assistance.

Double-Dealing: This is when the aspiring artist’s compositions, lyrical works and compilations are spread across multiple labels for use and to be ‘gutted!’ In some cases, this is after falling victim to the ‘twisted’ contract presented by local production company or some want to be ‘slick’ producer.

FYI: Personally, I was encouraged by legal counsel and I only signed a single 50/50 co-publishing agreement with a major music publisher- Zomba.

There were no other management or production agreements to justify non-payment for the numerous works that I submitted under Seven West Productions.

I never received a dime for all of my ‘works’ but I was forced to listen to my ‘gutted’ works reach the top of the charts. However, I received many threats, persecution and intimidation methods used to insist that I surrender.

Available: shop(dot)7westpublishing(dot)com

These thought driven, life changing publications are not easily accessible through mainstream publishers solely due to the information provided within conflicts with the goals of a billion dollar industry.

Lovelace has created the following publications:

1. Keeping your Children Safe Online: Step by step tutorial and guide to the basics on how parents who are not computer savvy can prevent, limit and supervise their children’s online activities.

2. Music Business: It’s a Dirty Game: This title exposes corruption in the music industry. She proves it using supporting documents, copyrights, public records, court documents, journal entries, and contracts.

ISBN: 978-0-98962253-0 Printed
ISBN: 978-0-9896225-9-2 eBook

3. INVISIBLE: Living without Rights in America: The court system has been placed under the microscope from the view of the everyday citizen to reveal how it really works for the less fortunate. Therefore, by limiting assistance and preventing Due Process they enslave individuals by using their money, power and positions to deny rights that should be guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States of America.

ISBN 978-0-98962255-4 eBook

4. Music Murder and Mayhem-A True Story: An un-cut non- fiction description of how the music entertainment business murders its artist and writers quietly behind the scenes. People assume that artist just sign bad deals that allow producers or managers to take everything but this is not always the case.

ISBN 978-0-9896225-4-7 Printed
ISBN 978-0-9896225-8-5 Audiobook
ISBN 978-0-9896225-7-8 eBook

5. Antitrust Brief: The Business of Music – Made Visible: View never seen before documents which demonstrate how the Business of Music Operates with Impunity for decades!

There are no other books that provide extensive knowledge. These publications are not easily accessible through mainstream publishers solely due to the information provided within and due to conflicting with the goals of a billion dollar industry.

Contact Information:
Tiwanda Lovelace
Seven West Productions, LLC
P. O. Box 400001
Las Vegas, NV 89140
Phone: (702) 750-7214

Review documentation which supports all allegations @


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