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I had filed the copyrights listed
below and they were processed just
months prior to illegally obtained
warrant was issued.
          1.      PAu001720136 / January 7, 1993     “Collection
I-Tiwanda.” Lovelace, Tiwanda, 1967-
2.      PAu001721382 / March 4, 1993       “Collection
II-Tiwanda.” Lovelace, NeNe
Although Lovelace was reporting to Michigan Probation AS DIRECTED by Courts, there were no efforts were made to contact
and/or provide Notice of Hearing.  

That small print says: 

“The undersigned officer hereby certifies that a thorough and diligent search for the probationer listed in this warrant and affidavit has been made at but not limited to places of abode, known places of frequencies, and others and that His/Her whereabouts are unknown an cannot be located…” 

And this warrant was signed May 19, 1993 expires July 31, 1997

Warrant Used to Take Public Housing in Nevada
Why did this
police agency state that the warrants were valid in 2005 but unable to execute
due to budgetary constraints but when I lived in Georgia 2003/2004 there were
no efforts to arrest? I believe the warrant was serving its purpose, to inflict
damage, hinder and harm.
Michigan Inter-State Case Report
dated 08-2-1993
Although Lovelace was reporting to
Michigan Probation,
no efforts were made to contact and/or
provide notice. I was still reporting
(3) three months, unaware that the warrant
was issued on May 19, 1993. I was
just told that I no longer was to report to
Michigan Probation office. I
obtained this letter well after.
Michigan Inter-State Case Report
In all that

time, I never mention the fact that my
father was convicted of murdering a
police officer. I did not want to think
that people would hold that against
me or be this sinister. I did not want
to even go there besides I still had
faith in the legal system.
I filed the lawsuit in Forma Pauperis
After many years of attempting to resolve
this issue by submitting written request for correction, I filed a lawsuit in
Dekalb County Georgia against the Dekalb County Police and Dekalb County
Probation Office due to an illegally obtained warrant for my arrest, modification
of my record; which led to revocation of my First Offenders Act…without notice of hearing or opportunity
for rebuttal since record shows that I was reporting as directed by courts.
I filed my Complaint against both Defendants, Dekalb County Police and Dekalb County Probation Office
This is only the first few pages and a copy of the initial

The Judge had determined that under

Federal Law that there were stipulations with

regards to being able to file suit against the police

departments and ruled that I could proceed

with lawsuit.

Below is the Judges a partial
summary of the
case, frivolity determination, Order
for Clerk’s Office to Include Dekalb
County Police Dept. as Defendants

In addition to these
documents proving service,
Pacer Court records system also confirms processed…See Below:
Pacer Court records No.
7 – Order instructs Clerk’s Office to list Dekalb county Police
to complaint and to forward Plaintiff USM285 forms for completion.
Pacer Court records No.
8 – Plaintiff’s  USM285 forms and Summons
were completed and returned.
Pacer Court records No. 9 – Summons was issued for Defendants dekalb County
Yet, Defendants denied
being served.  
Pacer Court records No.
10 – Request for Waiver of Summons.

The dates and Court time-stamps confirm that Defendants were served properly but this was ignored. 

The Defendants denied receiving Summons 
The summons that they say that they never received!
Can you explain why does this form below
have her signature?
Yet, it is not included in their exhibits that
claim that they received.
Justice was not

served…but the Defendants were!
If I had missed a court deadline for
my response, the courts would have made
ruling against me. Instead, the courts
ignored Pacer court records and my Request
for Entry of Default; allowing the
injustice to continue. The Judges did not
address that problem with multiple
request for Correction regarding the Clerk’s
Office interfering with filings
due to:
1.    Clerk EXCLUDING A DEFENDANT clearly
     listed on Complaint.
2.    Clerk not providing Judge with
     correct/updated filings.
3.    Clerk not mailing copies to Defendants,
     although extra copies were

provided for service. While certain filings
     were mailed, others were neglected at
     their discretion.
4.    Clerks deliberately delayed forwarding
     motions to the Judges.
EVERYTHING  was processed and Defendants – Dekalb County
Police did not respond in the time allotted by procedure as directed by courts.
Suddenly and without

cause the case was reassigned to a
different Judge after Plaintiff (Lovelace)
filed for Motion to Request Entry of
Months later…
There is no excuse for blatantly circumventing justice.
The initial Judge ruled that the police
could be an entity that could be sued… 

Every filing was submitted in
triplicate and I maintained certified
mailer receipts for the ones that I
mailed. Courts records prove that
they were served.

To Be Continued…

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You just can’t make this stuff up!

Fact:  “Zomba was major music publishing for Jive Records now BMG-Zomba publishing company and placed it within Universal Music Publishing Group, becoming the world’s largest music publishing business.”

Sample Copy Entries  and  Blog Entries:

Zomba’s Initial Response to allegations of copyright Infringements came in these envelopes marked ‘COMICS’

Zomba’s Initial Response to allegations of copyright Infringements came in these envelopes marked ‘COMICS’


Below:  This page is directly from major music publishing contract and it shows the songs listed, which demonstrates Zomba’s knowledge of works. They later deny possession of listed works.

Note: Brownstone is listed as looking for work on Zomba’s casting sheet. Their song, “If You Love Me” was the first song using my lyrics and melodies mentioned in Lawsuit.

​Google Tactics –


The other websites had the same upload but they have it posted correctly…

​Google Tactics – Google Search shows my book for $0.99 on Amazon; Of course, this is incorrect. Amazon has the correct price but Google is being real shady with this search results. Yes, I have asked them to remove listing repeatedly.

Finally, I was able to have Music Business: It’s a Dirty Game! removed from their Google Books and Google Play websites.


Google Images Search for:  Music Business: It’s a Dirty Game!

Google Images Search under ‘Music Business: It’s a Dirty Game’ shows images taken from my book and then immediately list this idiot on the comode, counting money…and…a penny listed a little ways down…’I wonder why that is?’

I purchased an Ad from Facebook and this is a copy of Ad tracking where they stopped all activity at $2.11.

I guess if you have millions of dollars and entertainment avenues at your disposal, it would be easy to use these resources to inflict harm and hinder individuals but it should not be that way in the ‘Land of the Free’. They should be held accountable.

Note: On June 24, 1996, I provided court with 2nd/Revised Complaint that was ‘set forth in short, plain statements’ as required by law.

Note: U.S. District court seal, dated Jun 24, 1996 at 10:45am

Original Complaint filed On May 20, 1996, I filed a lawsuit against BMI, Zomba and Jive because of their lack of response to my request as to how BMG, MCA, EMI, WEA, Polygram and Jive have released songs which blatantly infringe upon my copyrights.

Note:On July 22, 1996, Courts dismissed my case prior to Zomba’s Response dated August 7, 1996.

I never had an opportunity to go before the judge and be heard. I never had my day in court. No court reporter, no court appearance, no right to be heard, etc…

Courts responded,‘Although it (complaint) is now in paragraph form, the amended complaint continues to be organized and incomprehensible. It is not a ‘short and plain statement’ of the basis for plaintiff’s claims…and does not abide by Federal Rules of Civil Procedure for pleading, it must be dismissed.’

As you can see above, my revised complaint complied completely with Fed. Rules of civil procedure but the courts ignored..was presented properly but was ignored.

Note: On June 24, 1996, I also had previously requested counsel be  assigned in accordance with Federal Rules of Civil Procedure to prevent protraction due to lack of management. See below...

Music Business: It’s A Dirty Game!

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Curse of the Dragon Lady. 1
Chapter 2: Childhood. 3
Chapter 3: My Family and Faith. 5
Chapter 4: The Journey to Me. 13
Chapter 5: Love and Marriage. 17
Chapter 6: The Fugitive Years. 21pter 7: In the Beginning – Music. 27
a.       First encounter which lead to Zomba. 33
b.       Initial Legal Consultation – Howard Hertz of Hertz, Schram & Saretsky. 38
c.       Zomba’s Publishing contract 43
Chapter 8: Journals. 77
a.       Casting Sheets. 79
Chapter 9: The Games Began. 81
a.       List of Zomba’s Roster of Writers. 86
b.       Royalty statement from Zomba = Joke. 94
Chapter 10: Emotions. 99
Chapter 11: The Dangling Carrot 101
a.       Copyrighted Registration Information. 102
b.       Proof of delivery / Express Mail receipts. 118
c.       Letter sent to Zomba/Jive regarding Betrayal 121
d.      Letter sent to Zomba/Jive regarding Warner Chapel Deal 124
e.       Completed Split sheets for musical works submitted to Zomba. 125
Chapter 12: Coping methods. 132
a.       Front Men–Hankerson, Powell, political connections. 133
b.       Governmental, Local Agencies and Groups contacted. 137
c.       Defensive Mode. 139
Chapter 13: Forgive, Never Forget 141
Chapter 14: Betrayal 142
Chapter 15: Tragedy at Home. 146
a.       Letter to Governor of Michigan by Mother 150
b.       Grievance letters sent to: Zomba & Grubman, Indursky, Schindler & Goldstein. 154
c.       Copies of original Certified Mail receipts. 155
d.      Attorney Alexander Kuhne’s response to Grievance Commission. 160
e.       Zomba/Jive’s response to allegations of copyright infringements. 164
f.       Zomba’s envelopes marked with the words “COMICS”. 166
g.       Mail Tampering and Mail delays. 172
h.       Zomba’s Idea of Resolution and Response. 174
i.        Lawsuit filed against Zomba/Jive. 177
j.        Zomba/Jive History and Information from Wikipedia. 229
k.       Facts surrounding my life – Police, Family, Events. 239
Chapter 16: Furthering my Education. 271
a.       College Assignment: Two page Obituary and an Epitaph. 271
Chapter 17: The Last Straw – Michigan. 274
Chapter 18: Life in Las Vegas NV.. 275
Chapter 19: Georgia: The Return. 278
Chapter 20:  Twenty years later – 2012. 281
Chapter 21: Friends. 287

Official websites: