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If it is just a book..Why So Much Opposition?

Created and Written By Tiwanda ‘Ne Ne’ Lovelace
These titles reflect the story of an individual who is being deprived of all opportunities to a life without being subject to bullying and persecution. 

The bullying and persecution is orchestrated, instigated and implemented through the use of multiple entities, races and groups through manipulation and mass deception?

These titles expose a ‘system’ of targeted abuse; wherein, blacks and whites are manipulated into assisting in the bullying and persecution of specific individuals considered to be outcasts. The goal of this deliberately executed bullying and persecution’s is to induce suicide and/or forced submission to further dehumanization as a form of revenge. 

This ‘system’ and abuse of power combined with the process of violating rights to privacy usually leads to rape, death and murder.

You have to ask yourself, why is it that every attempt to bring attention to actual events of deliberate deprivation of rights, the response is to minimized and ignored? Why is so important to belittle, discredit and ‘bad mouth’ every publication written by Lovelace. Why is there so much opposition against a few books written about the behind the scenes of big business and the judicial system?

These titles provide supporting documentation which implicate numerous prominent and well-connected individuals. These publications that were released and promoted by Seven West Productions, LLC /7 West Publishing are definitely exposing decades of corruption.

Please consider that the information on these blogs, websites and titles are also in direct conflict with multiple entities and groups. 

How much effort do you think those negatively affected would put into avoiding accepting responsibility? What do you think that those major entities and prominent individuals would do to prevent exposing decades of corruption and deliberate wrongdoing? Using influence, position and power, how hard would it be to take the attention from the message?

I do not know what you receive on your end but if you are receiving copies with poor grammar and poor punctuation…there is a good chance that you are not receiving genuine publisher approved final copies. 
When I
first released my titles MBIADG, the first thing that was done was the
different outlets were highlighting the unedited copies, displaying parts out
of context and emphasizing every typographical error while not focusing on the
actual events, atrocities and entities involved in the many civil and criminal
violations that were listed in each book. 
When I wrote Music Business: It’s a Dirty Game!. I was under duress and I did not think that I would survive long enough to finish. After realizing that many of the direct culprits had twenty years head-start, I felt that I had to fight through the decades of lies and manipulations of those in position to misrepresent. 
I wasn’t trying to be ‘Author of the Year,’ I only wanted to defend myself against the ridiculous amount of bullies and monsters that was given direct access and permission to try ti induce my suicide. Even now, I write so that I can be heard by those in a position to stop this abomination. I am fighting those who are in a position to sway many, to use technology to block websites, tamper with mail and scheme. 
The purpose of the book was to generate income in so that I could free myself from being subjected. After certain individuals realized that some of the details in the book exposed the ugly truth, then came the threats and more pressure from everyone. One of those threats was, “You won’t see a dime from the books!”
Being in dire straights, I began to promote my book using a few outlets for sale and for POD; such as, Google Books/Play, eBay, CreateSpace/Amazon, LSI-Lightning Source/Ingram, etc…
Suddenly, there was a flood of other sellers who were offering my book at lower prices. As time passed, I eventually restricted the POD availability due to no sales were being reported but there were used books being offered for sale. How can bookstores and vendors offer used books, if there were absolutely no sales reported? 
The more that I investigated, the other sellers became more aggressive. One retailer actually had my book for sell for over a thousand dollars, as if it was a game. It is overwhelming to have to learn how to overcome and remain steadfast but I learned how some of the major entities are flooding the titles with sellers by using POD services. This allows other sellers to offer your title at a lower price without them having to actually purchase a single copy. 
When I released my recordings, they reflect my thoughts and the message is far more important to me than the grammar used. You do not have to be an accountant to recognize when an individual and their business is being deliberately impeded, undermined and hindered when the numbers reflect major interest but no sales across many outlets in over two years. 
Although there have been many marketing strategies, social media campaigns and hundreds of thousands of websites visit…through comparison of stats, it is clear that there is major effort in deterring interest and great opposition with regards to these publications. 
As a result of major opposing entities ‘warring,’ the violence that trickles down into the ‘streets’ and neighborhoods is then blamed on whomever is caught in the crossfire. Individuals who cannot address the true culprits, unite in their efforts to bully, harass, persecute and block resolution out of hate and/or misplaced anger.
The racism, sexism and violence stemming from all sides is responsible for fueling this nightmare. Neither side, at any point actually acknowledged or recognized human beings caught in the crossfire, left ‘bleeding in the streets.’ 
So no matter how my sites are compromised or how many times that my writing is belittled and attacked…I’m not buying into this deprivation as being justified or warranted.
Unfortunately, it has become commonplace for people to completely disregard heinous acts and disregard mistreatment under the guise that my writing allegedly reflects poor grammar. I am supposed to be this uneducated, ignorant and unworthy individual who cannot compile a sentence. 
In addition to the usual discriminatory practices of many, I am constantly bombarded and subjected to repeated unnatural events. I am only trying to exercise my rights to live so I’m
sure a few typos can be overlooked. 
At first, it was a matter of surviving the music business and my being forced to listen to my own lyrics and melodies on the radio as they were used to taunt me for decades as some sort of revenge. Secondly, although  I have secured contracts and copyrights, I am bullied and deprived of my rights to seek any legal assistance. Thirdly, while being deprived of my civil rights and rights to life, liberty and justice, I am being denied the opportunity to conduct business as a publisher to write and sell my publications with regards to my life experiences.
I am only one person forced to endure a conspiracy to deter any support and prevent the sale of publications simply because they expose the truth. Public display is implemented and specifically designed to allow and encourage deprivation of rights to housing, employment and basic needs.
I am the only person in the whole world that cares about my freedom and my struggles. I am using the only method that is available to me to fight for the right to exist and to be recognized as a human being. I copy and paste between article. I am constantly having to battle major opposition, racism, sexism and stupidity. 
As far as the threats, my loved ones were already being subjected and harmed long before I started fighting ferociously so not fighting is not an option. I have no other choice but to continue to press on… 
The only thing that these people can do is to focus on attacking my writing, while uniting in hate!
Everything on these website and publications are true and they provide supporting documentation for all allegations. There is no disputing the information found on any of the websites used to expose the atrocities that have continued for decades. 

I have not killed anyone. I was only exercising my rights to prevent everyone from murdering me. All of the sneaking and snaking that was and is being done against me can easily be considered attempted murder.

I only pursued a writing career to free myself but me commit murder? No, that’s those who chose to do this to me. I was not going to just do nothing while being slaughtered for others secrets and lies. When monsters come for you, you fight…wouldn’t you? 
From the bottom to the top, this should not be placed all on my shoulders. All I did was try to
stop everyone from trying to murder and blame me by doing the only thing that anyone
subjected to torture would do… 

When there is corruption and major bullies, shining the light on the situation causes the
guilty to back off.
I also provide videos that support an unnatural amount of coincidental incidents of abuse, see: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNy9HU9btouh0S8iqokGuxw.
Below is a recent example of common methods used to deter and take the focus away from exposing corruption! 
The company below hindered use of their affiliate marketing application without merit or just cause by preventing the sharing of my article –  “Little Girls Beware: A Guide to Surviving”  and by unfairly blocking access to their program. 
BoostSuite declined sharing of this article attributing the reason to ‘poor grammer, poor formating’ AND then blocked my ability to access their App within my
BigCommerce portal for 
BoostSuite’s email to Lovelace:
 BoostSuite Email insinuating poor grammer
First of all, I am not illiterate. This article – “Little Girls Beware: A Guide to Surviving” does not reflect poor grammar, poor formatting, etc… The only explanation is that they did not want me to use their Affiliate Marketing program to share my business products and
publications in an effort to create awareness of a growing problem.
4900 NC Hwy 55 Suite 160-105
Durham, NC 27713
See more unfair trade practice and unfair competition @ tab – 
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Note from Author:

I have had people completely disregard the most heinous acts and mistreatment under the guise that my writing allegedly reflects poor grammar. I am supposed to be this uneducated, ignorant and unworthy individual who cannot compile a sentence. I am super stressed, constantly bombarded and subjected to repeated unnatural events who is trying to exercise her rights to live so I’m sure a few typos can be overlooked.
I am one person. I am the only person in the whole world that cares about my freedom and my struggles. I am using the only method that is available to me to fight for the right to exist and to be recognized as a human being. I copy and paste between article.
I am constantly having to battle major opposition, racism, sexism and stupidity. Everything that I release, write and share has to go through many programs, people and technology. I use spell-check and attempt to review every article. When I release my recordings, they reflect my thoughts and the message is far more important than the grammar used.
Please consider that the information on these blogs, websites and titles are in direct conflict with multiple entities and groups. I have provided a multitude of supporting documentation which clearly shows opposition. I do not know what you receive on your end but if you are receiving copies with poor grammar and poor punctuation…there is a good chance that you are not receiving genuine publisher approved final copies.
Copyright © 2015 Created and Written by Tiwanda ‘Ne Ne’ Lovelace
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