Power in Numbers Exposed as Bullying

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Written By Tiwanda ‘Ne Ne’ Lovelace, Managing Member of SWP, LLC/7 West Publishing 
October 21, 2016 –  Written By Tiwanda ‘Ne Ne’ Lovelace 

Power in Numbers Exposed as Bullying

Power in numbers is supposed to represent strength by individuals coming together as a united front usually in opposition or to attempt to right an injustice. In many cases, individuals are not recognized so the theory of ‘power in numbers’ can be useful in overcoming some obstacles.

However, in a world where so many people are different, disconnected and facing so many issues regarding their personal choices, we have seen ‘power in numbers’ take a turn for the worse. It would appear that ‘power in numbers’ has now escalated to simply bullying those who are different. 

What I
find most disturbing is that even when supporting documentation is provided,
the evidence itself is never addressed and the guilty are never forced to
respond. Instead, the accuser is vilified and their credibility is questioned
and attacked.
thirty years, rarely has there ever been anyone held accountable for blatant misconduct and abuse of power. I am going to defend myself so you can call it what you want to but I did not deserve (30) years of persecution for not succumbing to the whims of men.
Clearly, it has been brought to my attention that there have been individuals who have suffered atrocities stemming from decisions that were made in reference to music industry personnel. 
I made the decision not to work with specific individuals based on my experience with them and how I was treated. While at the same time, I had to get my name out there and let people see that I had talent. I soon found out that it wasn’t about talent. What I found was a lot of unhappy musicians who were trying for much longer to get there.
I had plans but what I didn’t realize is that my plans interfered with someone else’s plans.  If I felt the slightest bit of deceit, I was in the wind. I was moving too fast and I didn’t want to settle for someone that would shelf me or just steal my lyrics. I tend to do that when I sense that my best interests are not being looked after. Along the way I pissed off all the wrong people for not doing what others wanted.
After I made my decision, apparently it was decided that I was not going to succeed in the music business. Instead, I would be the next victim to experience being ‘black-balled.’ 
To be honest, I do not believe that there was ever any good intention with regards to me being allowed to have a career in music. There was an underlying grudge that always made me feel trapped so I just worked harder at pursuing my goals. This grudge was a combination of racism and something else because it was always some unnecessary evil. There was always a point to hurt me as if they were trying to hurt someone else through me.
Keep in mind that I had worked with a good number of local producers. I discovered much later that they were in cahoots from the start. During my time working with them, they each had access to my lyrics and melodies. I worked with a lot of production companies in Detroit but none of them offered a contract that involved any money. Even the talent shows that offered contracts never involved any money. 
They had some of my work but not more than one or two works, usually. After it was clear that I would not sign without some monetary incentive that is when the Co-Publishing agreement was presented. 
Take a moment and ask yourself, “which group does not recognize women and does not feel that women should handle money?” That would be the male chauvinist. Just to clarify, we have racism, sexism and black on black crime combined with major grudges but somehow…I am responsible for the outcome?
 It seemed odd that it would be from a major publisher out of New York since Detroit was so vested. Detroit producers refused to offer any monetary compensation, even after I produced good, usable lyrics and melodies to music tracks across different genres. They used those lyrics and still did not offer any compensation. 
Being ‘black-balled’ was not enough, it was decided that I would have to be taught a lesson. 

This lesson involved using my works against me. There were even songs released that contributed to disruption and instigated by having my name attached. The entire process facilitates betrayal, initiates competition among its writers/producers and battles for royalties. I never received a dime for all of my ‘works’ but I was forced to listen to my ‘gutted’ works reach the top of the charts. 

When all of those songs were being used, I was hurt and angry. Of course, anyone would be distraught. I did not belong to any group and because of who I was, there was no assistance.
The violence and angry public did not really start to apply real pressure until after David McPherson showed up, introducing himself as ‘Ce Ce.’ He was the A & R rep. for Jive (Zomba was their Publisher). Prior to this appearance, I had received an industry magazine which presented images and bios of a ‘who’s, who’ in the music business. Of course, I knew who he was but I did not know why he was in Detroit or at the same nightclub with me. I never told a soul! Besides, I didn’t have anyone to tell and because of who I am, I did not have to.
Shortly after his visit, an angry public began to vent and imply that something horrible had happened and it was my fault. Oh, I am never allowed to know the specifics but I always feel the blows. With each incident, I am blamed, persecuted and every attempt is made to induce suicidal actions. No one would have signed or stayed with anyone that refused them any monetary compensation. I had no idea of what was going on behind the scenes. It could have been any of these same people who rush to judgment. 
Detroit and New York. These cities have connections with multiple labels but they are independently, still in competition with each other.  This brings more violence and the industry seemingly, launched a full campaign to put it all on me; instead of addressing the entire situation.

As I fought for my works, I realized that this was more than just copyright infringements. 

My standing up for my works in my attempt to gain my freedom, exposed the inner workings of the industry. 

Their attempt to demonstrate a show of power and in their efforts to teach me a lesson, escalated into chaos. Now all of these groups and entities is telling everyone that it’s my fault. These same racist, sexist, male chauvinist and those who listen to the lies are literally calling me a murderer and wishing for my death. All the while, I have been kept in the dark but somehow…I am being held responsible for the outcome?

Almost every song that I had written was passed along for some type of payback or vendetta. It reminded me of the story that I had heard about a famous writing team where one of their girlfriends was actually writing the lyrics but was never given credit or monies. I was told that it wasn’t unheard of to emotionally abuse, reject and cause severe duress to influence suicidal actions. I was told that she killed herself and that’s what I was being forced to do. Wouldn’t you be pissed? 

It became more than being ‘black-balled’ and copyright infringements. 

Every time that I would seek assistance, it was thwarted and hindered with more violence.

One by one, the public would inflict torment and punishment while naming names, implying and inferring victims of this fiasco as – Paul Allen, Larry Hatcher, Larry ‘Roc’ Campbell.
The turmoil which began between Detroit and New York became the entire U.S. and abroad.

Each incident being solely placed at my feet. Every where that I go, there is some kind of horrible experience. I incur the wrath of every racist or Caucasian that feels that the violence is my fault. I incur the wrath of every African-American because the violence that has incurred against these African-American males is attributed to me. I even experience wrath from the Hispanic community based on violent events also stemming from others decisions.

Every possible group that is in a position to assist has been negatively impacted. 

What really amazes me is the number of African-American females who help by judging me harshly. Every time that I turn around, they seem to be pushing the hardest for my death. It as if they don’t see that it could have easily been either one of them. Male chauvinist and racist could care less about women and that is what is counted on. You would not have worked with either of them while they treated you like you were nothing. I am not responsible for the violence and it is convenient that everything falls on the outsider in order to appease everyone.

In all of these events, I have never been address directly or given any opportunity to defend myself without further being vilified!


I may be far from perfect but I did nothing to deserve 30 years of being sacrificed, given to my enemies and subjected to public humiliation and dehumanization. I am not responsible for what happened to those men. I did not set these events in motion. The more that I was pressured, the more I fought to be free. In any event that anyone would consider showing decency, violence was used to deter. 
A person who was never even considered or included in any of the decisions or decision making that lead to horrific events, How does this one person get blamed? 

Convicted Serial killers get a trial before they get 30 years….Hell, I didn’t know that I was on trial! That’s what ‘power in numbers’ did for me…

Now I am being threatened with another year, for trying to defend myself.

I cannot go to a job interview without being mean-mugged and it being suggested that my experience does not matter. Why must I be forced to live a distressed life, deprived of basic needs as if I started a war? I did not have any power. All I did was refuse to associate myself with those who clearly did not have my best interest in mind. Now I am supposedly the worst thing on the planet. 

Street Justice is supposed to punish me for everything that has happened as if I started these events. I being publicly punished for events that have been happening for centuries. All the while, I have been trying to have the right to live with rights but somehow…I am being held responsible for the outcome?


The Results:

The truth and anything that absolves me gets blocked!


Author/Plaintiff has suffered continued opposition from many governmental agencies who has
‘under color of law’ taken housing and gainful employment. Plaintiff has been barred from obtaining legal representation due to parties involved. Without stable housing and living conditions, litigant had been physically unable to compile the necessary supporting documentation. (See COM-COMPLAINT OF MISCONDUCT pgs. 71).

To this day, Def. Dekalb County Police – GA, has refused to correct, update CGIC and forward
corrections to CJIS (Federal). Recently, records reflect inaccurate information, charges and recently displayed a photo of a black male as being Plaintiff (See COM-COMPLAINT OF MISCONDUCT Pg. 70). 
Although far from perfect, I have never been strung out on drugs. I have never been an
alcoholic. I am not mentally challenged. Even if I were, it does not merit a lifetime of targeted, deliberately induced deprivation of rights.
Regarding questions as to my character, when you research my background…the information
that will be shown is inaccurate, false charges and exaggerate offense so as to attempt to justify deprivation of rights. Continued, convenient questionable behavior and inaction should only further demonstrate corruption and misconduct on the part officials. Visit other Post/Pages at: https://requestforlegalhelp.com/.
In the blink of an eye and without hesitation, I was deliberately deprived my opportunity for justice by the Courts Judges, Clerks AND the Def. (as demonstrated in COM-COMPLAINT OF MISCONDUCT Pgs. 8-77). 
The Courts disregard for minority female plaintiff has led to recent incident where Plaintiff was detained, handcuffed, paraded due to inaccuracies maintained on CGIC and CJIS (Criminal Background Reports). The behavior of the Courts/Clerks not only condoned the Def. actions prior to the Complaint but facilitated the continuation of violation of and deprivation of rights…which continues today. Review for yourself:  https://requestforlegalhelp.com/2015/10/officials-misconduct-under-color-of-law/
Plaintiff has been subject to years of unnatural opposition, persecution due to negative public opinion on lawsuits against state/governmental entities; thus, giving ‘Cart Blanche’ or a license for obstructing justice and deprivation of rights.
It is through these titles that Lovelace has an opportunity to shed light on the tactics that are used to deprive rights, manipulate events which are used to facilitate public support. These publications provide detailed proof of corruption and collusion.

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MURDER AND MAYHEM – A TRUE STORY! – An un-cut non-fiction description of how the music entertainment business murders its artist and writers quietly behind the scenes. Presents scenarios and provides a general guide regarding methods and tactics used to steal and
destroy lives.
MUSIC BUSINESS: IT’S A DIRTY GAME! NONFICTION – Describes step by step how multiple entities manipulate society through mass deception for the purposes of greed and revenge. Although many have protected themselves in every way, many artist, writers and producers have been denied the opportunity to even pursue their claims and are forced to fight for their rights. Through the use of actual events, supporting documentation and public records, review for yourself.
INVISIBLE: LIVING IN AMERICA WITHOUT RIGHTS! and PART II – INVISIBLE: JUDICIAL MISCONDUCT EXPOSED! – This book demonstrates how some individuals are deliberately oppressed and denied rights by those that are in positions to manipulate the courts to ensure
injustice continues. This title discusses judicial misconduct and ‘obstruction of justice’ and deprivation of rights at the hands of the courts and its clerks. Part II – Includes actual physical evidence and proof of deliberate deprivation through courts and its clerks tampering, editing, withholding, modifying filings and disregarding its own court’s rules and procedures.

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SAMPLE CHAPTER 9 – Music Business: It’s a Dirty Game!

This was written before I knew what was in store for me. I was not that lazy person waiting for handouts that people wanted to believe that I was. I always wanted to work but at that time, one of the reasons used to deny me was that I thought that I was too good to work. The public ate it up.

I always wanted to work but at that time, one of the reasons used to deny me was that I thought that I was too good to work. The public ate it up.

The best way to describe my situation would be:

What would you do if a gang of ruthless thugs broke into your house, beat you up, stealing everything that you had, slapped your loved ones and kicked your dog?

Well, after regrouping and ensuring that your family is in one piece; the first thing you and any person would do is call the police to make a report so that the insurance company will pay your claim. Does this make you a snitch? No, I don’t so. A snitch is someone who does dirt with a group of people, and then to save their own ass drags everyone else in it.

[What is it called when the bullies run around spreading lies on their intended victims? 
They told their version of events for decades while I was clueless as to 
what was being spread about me trying to cut others out! 
They offered no contract in most cases or contracts with no compensation…
Through their mistreatment, they practically told me to ‘beat it’ 
but when you move on – you are the villain!]
I am not really up on street definitions but I am certain that normal, regular people file claims every day.

[These self-serving bullies used every connect possible to spread their lies of how terrible I was and about how they were trying to ‘help.’ The fact is they had decades to twist the truth and to vilify me in an effort to hold me responsible for violence that I never knew about. These men ran to spread that mess so that people would gang up and bully me into suicide but when I say what really happened…I’m the villain?]

These same thieves get caught up in their world and somehow become divided after getting caught. Bad things began swirling out of control. Violence spilled out on the streets until they reached your door.

Then to add insult to injury, you find out that this gang of thieves has enough clout behind them to sway a very large group of people to believe that what happened to them; is your fault. Just because you didn’t just sit there and take their abuse; suddenly, every bad thing that happens in the world is your fault.

Then comes the icing on the cake, (figuratively) you are kicked in the face repeatedly and then once you are seething mad that’s when someone has a camera placed in your face for the public to see you at your worst. In this age of technology, it is not unheard of to wire homes, cars, and even people. Hell, if they have g.p.s. and tracking systems in pets; why is it not possible to do this to people. Don’t some believe in keeping their friends closer and enemies closer?

Now you are on display, reeling like a crazed lunatic, angry and downright hostile. Every good thing that you have done in your past is erased. It feels like you are fighting everyone.

The public sees an angry unlikable person that must be guilty or seeking pity when this could never be so far from the truth. Besides they haven’t seen such an exciting well-orchestrated and entertaining performance. Since they are not affected they are not personally invested, they only wish to somehow obtain their fifteen minutes of fame by just being seen.Given half-truths, misinformation and flat out lies; the public takes turns assisting with this so-called payback.

Suddenly, everything that happened to them and more started to happen to you and yours. I was at home ‘blind to the prelude’ when slowly one by one people began to make their disapproval of my existence known. Only by the grace of god working through someone, are you saved physically.

Saved? I am not so sure that is the right word to use. Was this so called ‘saving’ true or was it an elaborate form of torture or part of some sadistic game.

That group of thieves and their backers consisted of multiple races, cultures, etc…

Let’s say that when something happens to anyone it is not uncommon for their loved ones to become blood thirsty. What do you think people do when they can’t get the real person responsible for their pain? They find justification to get the one that feel is weak. What do the thieves do when they get caught? They find a patsy or scapegoat. They want to pass blame. How many people do you know that accept responsibility for their actions?


I know that this example is not detailed but the message will definitely be clear as I continue to tell my story regarding my experience with the music industry, family and my world. I refer to this as the ‘The Game’ because that’s what it is to some of them. Playing with people’s lives (literally) has become a sport to some. Dog eat dog world, where only the strong survive. The part that goes unspoken is that the game is fixed and the rules are constantly changed to protect the guilty.

It is humanly impossible for someone who has been poked, prodded, harassed and abused to be nice, sweet and social. That is why I say it is fixed. After many years of people telling you that they were paid to be your friend, it is not easy to go out and be overly friendly. I am decent to people who don’t break their necks to hurt. I even ignore the picture that some try to paint of me being all kinds of awful and still I treat people kind. That is until (after warning each at the onset of trouble) that you don’t want to try to play that smash game with me. I tried to tell the last group of co-workers that tried to gang up on me, this won’t end well.

Each time, I try to hold back from hurting feelings but you have to remember that I am good at defense because I have decades of experience. I, literally, begged them not to come at me with the games but one of them actually told me to ‘just die’.

They were nice at first and they were very interested. I called that record company regarding my songs and they went to being rude and playing on the phone. It was games. Anyone who wrote songs that was provided to the production company only to hear your lyrics and melody on the radio or in the studio; you would be pissed. I may not know all that transpired but I do know that something happened to some people. It was clear by the behavior and mistreatment that was thrust upon me.

The fact that I was encouraged to act due to what I was hearing. Someone with more clout blamed me for speaking up regarding my materials. What I do know is that more than one record company responded. Suddenly, it was not just a few songs but all my songs were cut up and redone using similar and/or same hooks. It was like being sent a message that we can do what we want to you. You should have just let them do what they wanted to do with your songs and ideas.

It was a joint effort. Let’s just say the ‘powers that be’ gave their blessing on my torturous demise. Boy, did they show me a few tricks or two.

Almost every song that I had written was passed along for some type of payback or vendetta. For a songwriter to hear their melodies is like recognizing your child cries or your name being called repeated. It reminded me of the story that I had heard about a famous writing team. It was told that one of their girlfriends was actually writing the lyrics but was never given credit or monies. I was told that it wasn’t unheard of to emotionally abuse, reject and cause severe duress to influence suicidal actions. I was told that she killed herself. One can never imagine that pain of being used and discarded; then to top it off tortured and mocked.

If it weren’t for the viciousness of the people, it would be easy for me to believe that the stories told were all lies to distract or influence response that would cause a deadly reaction. I was thrown to the wolves and it was ‘okay’. It was nothing; I was nothing – a Ghost.

In addition, the music wasn’t the only thing used. I couldn’t watch a television program without the ridiculous similarities to my current household topics and concerns. I know I am super sensitive right now so maybe I am tripping (at least that’s what I told myself. There is no chance of this many similarities and topics over this period of time.

It shook me, I cannot lie. I was broken inside.


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