July 26, 2016 – Written By Tiwanda ‘Ne Ne’ Lovelace 
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EXPLORING NEW LEGAL STRATEGIES When individuals protect themselves legally, invest valuable time, money and works hard at achieving their dreams and endeavors… NO ONE should be able to circumvent justice and deprive them of their rights to adequate representation and the opportunity to pursue proper resolution.(If the images are blurred and you would like to review a clear PDF, please CLICK HERE OR visit: https://requestforlegalhelp.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/document-1-numbered-attachments-only-starting-at-page-1-2-PERSONAL-INFO-BLOCKED.pdf/.
We welcome any assistance with creating awareness and in obtaining legal representation for the downtrodden. The news media is necessary in creating awareness regarding blatant atrocities, major corruption and exposing cover ups…WELCOME!

Although I do not live in each horrible moment, I have been subjected to continued loss of enjoyment of life, loss of employment, loss of residences, physical pain, mental suffering, grief, anxiety, humiliation, rape, and emotional distress.

I have been running around the entire U.S., requesting assistance with my civil and human rights violations that are associated with my major co-publishing agreement, copyright infringements, breach of contract, obstruction of justice and much more but NO ONE will even address these matters. Officials have disregarded multiple civil and criminal activity. 

See mail receipts of List of Governmental, Local Agencies and Groups contacted Requesting Assistance:

Page 1: https://requestforlegalhelp.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/governmental-local-and-groups-contacted.png

Page 2: https://requestforlegalhelp.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/governmental-local-and-groups-contacted-page-2.png

Page 3: https://requestforlegalhelp.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/governmental-local-and-groups-contacted-page-3.png

I was never addressed and I was never given the opportunity to make a choice. No one has ever informed, addressed, consulted or advised me regarding why the need for ‘public access.’

Consider my family background of being raised as a Jehovah’s Witness and my father, Robert Heard currently serving a life sentence in Michigan for allegedly murdering a police officer – Stanley Rapaski and bar owner – Cass Czerwinski.

Everyone can tell lies and manipulate for decades but I don’t have to lie…

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My direct association with many music producers in Detroit and my signing a co-publishing agreement with major label in New York has had an impact on my current situation. Racism, sexism and other factors has also contributed to many entities, group and individuals being negatively affected.

zOMBA-LETTER regarding copyright infringments

Although I have supporting documentation regarding major civil rights violations and obstruction of justice (that do not have statutes of limitations)…I am being denied any legal recourse or any opportunity for proper resolution. Meanwhile, I am continually subjected to public ridicule, harassment, etc…

If I had not taken care of my legalities; such as, consulting attorneys – prior to signing contracts, securing copyrights and signed split-sheets,… I could accept responsibility if I had not but to have others keep you in the dark while taking your choices and subject you to multiple heinous acts…




Many have used others instances of injustice and hardships in an effort to desensitize, minimizing the criminal and civil wrongdoings as if it should just be a normal part of life. However, a lifetime of deliberate obstruction and wrongs combined with continued unnatural incidents (including violence) only confirms this is not the same.

These efforts to deceive are easily categorized as attempts to suppress the truth behind disregarding facts; thus, cementing this oppression.

Many blame ‘my situation’ on racism and sexism, while ‘my public’ has mocked, harassed and laughed while making it a point to imply that both; blacks and whites have united in denying any resolution due to possible violence stemming from onset. For decades, I have been told that nothing will ever change and that I should kill myself.

See March 3, 2016 video of response from a Civil Rights Organizations representative’s ‘defeatist’ attitude and who clearly has no interest in actually providing assistance. Visit: https://youtu.be/CJ4LUmCg7tc?t=2m30s (This org. is the 1st listing for assistance from an online search engine).

Video shows Lawyer’s Committee for Civil Rights is too busy and could care less about standing up for people’s rights or at least this African-American female. Why do people fund these types of programs? If they don’t actually have any intention of doing what they allege, why do they continue to operate? Are they in place to weed out those who don’t accept ‘slavery?’ Are they in place to add to the despair of those who are already facing the vilest of violations by nonchalantly telling them to ‘buzz off’?

L.C.C.R. of San Francisco, CA 94105 Showed complete disregard for individual’s civil rights and their response to allegations was disgusting for an organization who is supposed to represent the fight for civil rights. Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights apparently believes that violations are acceptable for certain individuals…It’s ridiculous that according to their rep, “…it’s happening to a lot of people…” so therefore, he was saying, ‘whatever!’

It went from him not having time to even look at the 2-page letter to tell me more, then he abruptly said, ‘don’t be surprised if I cut you off… It’s truly sad when those who are in place to assist, demonstrates that they could care less! The woman who went to get their other rep. laughed as the man came to get the 2-page letter and my business card. I will be releasing the audio of the D.O.J. response to allegations of misconduct and more…

NOTE: Correction – ‘Not the son of the chief of Police but still related’ (either way, it is a very strange coincidence)

Every reason that can be thought of to induce public’s support in denying me resolution and some have even gone so far as to spread vicious rumors of me being a child molester (which is a lie).

I have only attempted to exercise my civil and human rights!

I have always worked, legally protected myself and secured proper documentation when conducting business. I have NEVER hurt anyone and I have not been strung out on drugs, an alcoholic or had any mental issues that would be used to justify mistreatment.

Even if I were, that would not explain why I am unable to obtain legal representation against the major entities that have allowed, initiated and encouraged blatant civil and human rights violations and obstruction of justice, etc…


This is unacceptable by any culture!

Please take a few moments to review the Gallery  ” tab” for some of the documents that are included in the title, “Music Business: It’s a Dirty Game!” which provides further details. However, these extra documents are not included within the General Request Pages. 1-40 – scroll below).

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I have also uploaded each page of supporting documentation from the GENERAL REQUEST if the plug-in does not load properly!

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Unfortunately, the response depicted is too common…

Please contact me using any of the emails, phone numbers and website contact forms at any of the following websites -Note: Remember that those in positions have been able to thwart justice and hinder assistance using technology. Some of my calls are not getting through and some of my emails are not being received so please try to reach me and if I don’t respond please use another method of contact because I am very serious about obtaining proper resolution!

Phone: (702) 900-4087, (702) 750-7190, (702) 750-7214, (702)860-0116
Email: tiwandalovelace@gmail.com, tiwandalovelace@outlook.com, tiwandalovelace@icloud.com,

Websites: http://7westproductions.com, http://sevenwestproductions.com, http://musicbizadirtygame.blogspot.com

The final Petition for Review of Complaint of Judicial Misconduct is available at: https://requestforlegalhelp.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/New-Doc-11.pdf! This PDF summarizes the entire process, from allegations to highlighting how courts own officers ignored courts rules.

Due to the response from the many legal professionals, my personal experience with the Courts ‘obstruction…’ it has become necessary to seek international assistance. I can only hope that there is someone or some group who will not succumb to pressure or give in to financial advancement.

I have no choice but to seek international assistance because this charade and facade hidden by street justice against me has kept me subjected. It is clear that the major entities are dead set on not acknowledging their part in these atrocities, nor are they inclined to acknowledge an unaligned African-American Female and that the public could be manipulated into encouraging atrocities on a single female instead of the ‘establishment’ or ‘system’ that has deprived justice with this ‘game.’









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