Still Fighting For My Rights..

Created & Written By Tiwanda ‘Ne Ne’ Lovelace 

E.O.A.A. Weekly News Article: Friday, August 12, 2015 Updated August 17, 2015

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Still Fighting For My Rights…

As much as I would like to spend my time blogging, I have had to focus my attention on other pressing matters – like shelter, etc….

I need you to take a minute and review this blog, my other blogs and websites…review the many years of deliberate abuse, deprivation of rights, major entities and groups that have blatantly bullied, harassed, persecuted and blamed for their atrocities. 

I have been completely disrespected, betrayed, sacrificed, scorned, robbed and violated. I raised my children up right. I have never been strung out on drugs nor do I have any issues with alcohol. I am a well-rounded individual, with good sense. I am a decent human being. I have always been a hard working and innovative person so why is it that I have to be forced to be subjected to such disrespect by all?

These deliberate atrocities and deprivation of rights has not only been ignored but encouraged for decades….



I am working on my next title which will be right to the point so that readers won’t have to scan 300+ pages before they receive the shockingly unbelievable truth about what actually happened behind the scenes to ensure the continued deprivation of rights through blame for loss of life. 

This next title will clearly provide the cold hard Truth and only focusing on the corruption cover-ups, violence, rapes, intimidation and bullying perpetrated for the purposes of justifying deliberate atrocities and the continued violation and deprivation of rights. 

As many are already aware, the more that you stand up for yourself, the harder the fight. I have been forced to fight many battles recently; old and new so this has taken a lot of time from my business ventures. 

I am in the process of relocating so my articles will cease for now but please feel free to browse my previous post to review valuable information regarding your future endeavors.

I have spent many years combating the worst of the worst kinds of people and no matter where your interest lie, if you are aspiring for more out of life…the information found on this blog can assist in preparing you for the way the world really works for most rather than how your were taught.

People are constantly saying, ‘that’s the past’ but sweetheart – this is happening today!

In all of my years, one thing is clear…I am allegedly supposed to be an uneducated idiot or that I am supposed to just lay down and die because I am unpopular with a lot of popular, well-connected individuals and groups that are insistent on blatantly ignoring human and civil rights.

I assure you that this was not an intelligent thing to do to someone who has already experienced firsthand, obstruction of justice at the hands of the Courts.

It has been decades of this premeditated acts so I have also attempted to send a fax request to the FBI – DC/VA AND FBI – GA,  regarding blatant criminal activity, civil rights violations, corruption and obstruction of justice. I sent an email to the email addresses that were listed and according to my email server, the messages were successful. 

However, I am concerned that I will receive the same results as when I walked (in person) into the FBI office in Las Vegas, NV. The Las Vegas office showed no interest in pursuing any criminal activity; which included allegations of rape, murder, civil rights violations, mail tampering, etc…It would appear that the modern day response is, ‘Deny, Ignore, deny…!’

That same day, I get a phone call from an alleged ‘loved one’ advising me that I am not welcome at their house…Coincidence?

So once again, I have followed the rules only to have snakes counter my actions which only provides time for more abuse and opportunity for those who refuse to take responsibility to rape, violate, harass and persecute while others idly, sit in judgment.

Due  to my extensive, supporting documentation, I was hoping to have obtained some legal assistance or at least found some human beings that can actually help by now.

Let me be clear, I am still seeking proper resolution because what you call ‘the past’ is still being used to deprive me of Life, Liberty and Justice. What’s worse is that it is not ‘my past’ but others ‘past’ that I am being forced to carry. I was born into this and all I wanted to do was to write…WOW!

I am on my way back to Las Vegas, NV and as nice as the weather is…it is never a good time for me! I know that they have been missing me (with every bullet so far)!

I guess that I will still be fighting until I can finally reach some human beings that don’t  blame me for things that were never in my control! On that note, I forgot to mention the constant mocking (that I also have recorded) about ‘sob stories’…I must mention that the only real ‘sob story’ is that we live in a society that ALLOWS the deprivation of rights publicly for decades.

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