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E.O.A.A. Weekly News Article: Friday, January 29, 2015


Previously, we addressed the process by which the system is able to continue to avoid acknowledging the extent of damages against its artist.

We discussed how this can be accomplished by encouraging the artist to surrender and accept defeat by offering the opportunity to allow another group to benefit by further dehumanizing them.

The results of the method of pressuring the artist to ‘let go’ is commonly reflected in the many instances wherein prior to reaching their stardom most major artist have been subjected to some kind of homelessness or has suffered from some sort of calamity.

We examined the process by which the individual will be presented with the idea that they should try, try again. The encouragement to let go of all of the wrongs that have been deliberately executed against them; such as, betrayal, violence, copyright infringements and civil rights violations, etc.

Now let’s focus our attention on the AFTERMATH…

I am referring to the aftermath when the person finally realizes that it’s not just a simple matter of another artist taking credit or a simple issue of copyright infringements.

This is implemented well after the realization that there situation is bigger than them as individuals.

This is well after the realization that you they are unable to pay a defense attorney’s retainer because the initial lawyer encouraged signing a standard contract with low figures.

This is well after the realization that the courts will not even review your evidence because the ‘system’ is set in place to deny you any other recourse.

This is after 20-30 years of ostracism, homelessness and persecution, they are expected to crumble under the helplessness of it all and cower in the fear of the overwhelming darkness of their own fate.

Unfortunately, the artist who makes the decision to remove themselves from the situation altogether, they are then presented as being angry and disgruntled.

The truth of the matter is that when you personally suffer the ‘experience,’ you attempt to move past the disappointment of it all but you are denied even that opportunity.

The many years of the artists’ hard work is dismissed and they were never able to secure thousands for a legal retainer or find proper counsel that would be equipped to pursue litigation.

Even after surviving the many life threatening events that were and are manipulated against these artist, they are denied any open financial support; thus, inducing homelessness.

This prevents any future successful prospects or ventures because if they are able to obtain proper finances prior to accepting some menial figure or promise, they may be able to the real help that is required to gain their true freedom.

For over twenty years, we have been the voice of those seeking assistance by providing evidence of blatant violations of civil rights and in spite of have had copyrights, initial legal representation, supporting documentation, etc… but it was ignored.

I hate to go there but if you are not of a minority or if not a male (in a male dominated industry) you cannot even imagine what can happen and has happened to its victims!

My point is that I don’t think that you can really compare the music industry to other industries because other industries are held accountable when they blatantly violate individuals.

This cannot be said about the music business because they operate with impunity for decades! Their victims deserve more than being accused of being bitter or embittered.

I will respect your rights to express your thoughts but I encourage you to learn from others experiences!

Please don’t forget those who are or have been deprived of their opportunities; which includes, being denied the opportunity to even seek proper resolution!

When you just accept what others say without question, you are refusing to acknowledge or are just unaware of the shady practices used in the music industry. Therefore, you only condone these violations by placing blame on the victims instead of a system that encourages this behavior!

It is your decision as to whether you choose to ignore the recommendations and warnings regarding conducting business from experienced individuals those in that industry.

Every week, we provide information related to shedding light on the darkest parts of the Music industry and we expose the ‘system’ that allows these illegal activities to continue to operate with impunity.

The so-called grudge that is held onto is not from the artist but from the entities involved in the music business because YOU now know their secrets and become a thorn in their side. This when you become bombarded with continued tactics and methods in order to discredit and destroy any other opportunity for you to progress.

Yes, the music business is a universal business…

Yes, it has been used this way for decades, destroying lives publicly, while operating without question and with impunity…

However, this is supposed to be the land of opportunity…and when after protecting yourself in every way – the individual artist, writers and producers should not be denied the opportunity to fight for their rights.

Instead, these subjected artist, writers and producers are forced into ‘gladiator’ type scenarios where hate filled crowds provoke and prepare to be entertained by the violence among friends and foes. Each, ferociously fighting each other in a battle to the death over royalties.

These aspiring artist, writers and producers must first get through a gauntlet paved with idiots whose sole purpose is to destroy and prevent you from progressing or getting anywhere and even worse.

Apparently, it is an acceptable behavior to refuse compensation for some individuals. I guess that the thought of actually paying people for their hard work and allowing people to actually be treated like human beings is completely out of the question.

Let me also state that decades after my experience, I find myself repeatedly exposing a many ridiculous implementations of unfair trade practice and unfair competition executed by employees of major conglomerates who continue with repeated questionable acts.

I’m not running around here wishing death and destruction. I am not this disgruntled, angry person who wants bad to happen to others. Everything that I do, write and say is an attempt to help. Some use all of their resources and armies to try to mash and place blame; instead of being honest.

So it’s definitely not just about being mad about not being rich and it’s not jealousy…

The Aftermath for people like me is about wanting to have a life and the opportunity to defend what’s left of our life.

For those that refuse to feed the ‘beast’ and who choose not to create more works to be stolen…these actual human beings should not have to be continuously pummeled by predators.  Nor should they be left to die on the side of the road by those who paint a picture or create the facade that their actions and inactions are justified; implying that all is well.

In my humble opinion, if you really want to change the world why not start with a universal industry that affects the entire world’s mentally.

What we have is a failure to communicate …so let me be clear – someone needs to address this situation where everyone is running around pretending not to see the real problem. It is clear that the hate that radiates from these monstrous games are affecting everyone, not just the music business!

If you want to know the truth take a few minutes more and examine for yourself…

SAMPLE: Music, Murder and Mayhem – A True Story!



One of the ways that some are able to overcome this abuse is to become ‘properly aligned.’ There are many different groups that can actually provide some kind of shelter but it depends on how far down the figurative ‘rabbit hole’ that you have gone or how much damage has ensued while you were tending to your ‘wounds.’

Remember, this ‘business’ has eyes and ears everywhere and they saw you coming before you arrived on the scene.

Being properly aligned doesn’t necessarily ensure that all your dreams will come true instantly. Depending on how much damage has been done in an effort to dissuade any assistance from others, you will most likely be lead to believe that you will have to just accept your loss while they encourage you to start over with them. This may be acceptable to you, depending on how much of your heart and soul has been destroyed with the tactics and methods used.


Most likely in this scenario, this group or choice is actually a part of the system and simply wants to force you to ‘let go’ of your fight. This would only allow the abuser to continue to dehumanize and destroy lives.


If there has been little of no damage and you can live with the loss then by all means you can take it upon yourself to ‘charge it to the game.’ Basically, that’s when you just accept your loss and use your knowledge to begin again or you can just walk away.


There is always an exception to the rule but believe me when I say that this game gets dirty, I mean filthy nasty dirty. In most cases, you will find it difficult to just walk away because they may not be finished with you.


Whether you choose to make the decision to begin a working relationship with someone or not, there are consequences. Some of these men or women may even belong to different groups who may be or may have already been negatively impacted by your decisions.

Your attempts to survive the business may conflict with others plans and they may only intend to cause you harm as some form of revenge.

You must ask yourself, are you properly aligned?

SAMPLE: Music, Murder and Mayhem – A True Story!


Subheading – GIVING TOO MUCH


The Artist struggle will consist of multiple groups, each pulling for a specific outcome depending on the extent of the damage incurred from the many hands that are involved.

Imagine these multiple groups working against you… If they can’t have it all, then no one can!



I was able to get my message across regarding the fact that multiple criminal acts and civil rights violations would prevent hiding behind the statutes of limitations.


Unfortunately, we live in a world that can be easily influenced by violent acts. This is how people are controlled in some cases through intimidation. I live this so I can definitely see all angles. I know that when people threaten you and anyone who buys your book, there is a reason that they don’t want it out.


Discrediting an individual is Damage Control-101, it is the first step.

Secondly, it is important to turn as many people by saying that an individual is responsible for loss of life.


That was the first thing that was done to thwart assistance and that’s what keeps us all enslaved. With one twist of the knife, multiple lives lost but no one sees the men working to ensure all the details are hidden.

Imagine these multiple groups working against you…

Manipulating events; harming others while blaming YOU!


Pressure is applied to persuade anyone and everyone to assist with the de-humanizing tactics designed to strip individuals of their dignity, spirit and their very soul. Situations are manipulated to portray you as something undesirable or undeserving with the hopes that pressure will be applied for the purpose of breaking you in any way possible.

Most are just looking for reasons to belittle you in an effort to elevate themselves. In some cases, events are created to instill fear and hate towards an individual so that the masses will respond in turn.


Imagine these multiple groups working against you…

Manipulating events; harming others while blaming YOU!

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