I went back to the Las Vegas Strip last Friday where I post up to market and promote – 


and coincidentally there was a ‘stabbing’ on the public bus within a couple yards from my corner. 

The public bus had the word, ‘BODIES’ posted on all over it. I found that very disturbing…that

people mysteriously keep getting hurt.

There is always someone manipulating events as if to portray me in some way without allowing me to speak for myself. Someone accessed my Seller account and made changes that I did not authorize.

I am sure that it is because I added my experience with trying promoting, Music Business: It’s a Dirty Game! on eBay and someone created a seller so that when I would send my customer to eBay they would see it at a lower price.

I have been portrayed as a liar, a drug addict, a murderer, a pedophile, a traitor, etc…in an effort to make me out to be the worst kind of person; in order to continue to justify these violations. 

Everyone has there plight but at least they got to choose. Everyone has had to deal with some kind of injustice – For example, Veterans have chosen to support their country but some do not feel appreciated and have suffered great loss. 

Slavery or enslavement is worse because you don’t make a choice. It is worse when people take your life, torture you, rape you in your sleep, violate your privacy and everyone does not want you to see justice because everyone keeps comparing themselves to you but they don’t walk for decades without rights – subjected to everyone.

Sacrificed and Subjected. 

#Justice is not a competition because then there would be #NoJustice.

I have heard that it is customary to discredit and dehumanize individuals to justify inaction and deceit.

All because I would not allow people to just stomp me into the ground while they profit. I guess that they show the world just what happens when you stand up for yourselves.


Education does not have anything to do with this being acceptable. I was born into this hell and I am not stupid! 


These tactics have been used all my life to thwart any kind of real support for obtaining freedom AND has prevented me from having anything my whole life.  

This only allows enslavement to continue.

I have moved and visited many cities here in America with the hopes of being able to have rights. I have lived in Detroit, Houston, Atlanta, Las Vegas. I have visited Arizona, California, Florida, Chicago, and the Bahamas. 

Everywhere I have lived, the majority of people that I have faced have made it a point to snake.

Every time I get a job, the people start acting like I don’t deserve to eat and live by finding a reason to harass. 

I know that I am not the only one who has it bad but I AM the only one that has NEVER had anything work as it should, ever. I did not do anything but stand up for myself in a corrupt world. I am the only one who has to fight everyone all the time. No, I did not blame the wrong person…(I have heard that one…) I only laid out what was done and provided proof. 

I deserve to have my privacy, security, my rights AND I just want to hear the story that is being told to justify decades of injustice.

My books are very interesting topics and with the documented proof of what is happening, I find it repulsive that these people say that I won’t make a dime telling the truth and they continue to turn others against supporting my efforts at buying my freedom. 

I promote, market and spend money 


yet, I have sold five copies since February…

that in itself should let you know 

that this system is corrupt. 

When someone tells you that you won’t see a dime and you don’t sell …what are they hiding? What are they telling folks? 

This book is definitely the BUSINESS!


Obviously, the thousands of people that visited my websites last month were interested but why is it that people don’t support. 

Clearly, there is something wrong but I do not have a choice but to fight. 

There is a big difference between random acts of racism and injustice but to have to handle it in all things, THIS IS RIDICULOUS!

My plight is not just about a broken heart, 
it’s not about greed, 
it’s not about revenge, 

it’s about obtaining true freedom 

from oppressors who have deliberately 
used money, power and positions to create a form of enslavement. My Titles demonstrate decades of torture and abuse. I have been begging for freedom for so long that I don’t even recognize the B.S. games that always follows. Even in my sleep, I am determined to not let others undermine my efforts. I write un my sleep out of desperation…IT’S NOT OKAY!

You are not going to throw me barely enough to survive only to have me subjected all over again. That’s why when you get to the truth they still try not to acknowledge.

You claim ‘power to the people’ but if you don’t provide all the information then they are not empowered.

Only someone who is patriotic would see the importance of fighting for freedom. I believe in what America is supposed to represent. I am aware that even as they wrote those words, they didn’t consider all equal…so don’t play that card because I am far from being unpatriotic and if anything ‘my struggle’ shows that I believe in fighting for my rights. While I have had to fight EVERYONE for even the bare necessities repeatedly knowing that this is more than the usual opposition.

Behind the scenes, I have always been fighting.

I will never give up…

I have started (3) three other non-fiction books:



A non-fiction of how the music entertainment business murders its artist and writers quietly behind the scenes. This book describes how those with money, power, and position use mass manipulation to discredit, its use of technology to spy, use of threats and intimidation to isolate.  This is about the struggle of one writer who was blessed with the opportunity to survive and the will to refuse to settle for less. Realizing what would be the point of a temporary relief from injustice and unwarranted cruelty only to ultimately be subjected to the same inhumanity within a few years. 

As with any business, there is competition and the struggle for power and money. Being a predominately male run business, it is needless to state that it is extremely more difficult for a female to enter the business unscathed. Regardless of gender, the tactics that are most commonly used against both men and women are similar but may be implemented differently. These tactics include isolation, sex, drugs and alcohol just to name a few but ultimately it is usually designed around each individual. Like animals circling its prey, victims are surrounded, stalked, studied and set-up. Like lambs led to slaughter, you won’t realize the severity of your situation until you are knee deep in what I commonly refer to as a ‘shit-storm’ of backstabbing friends, oppressing family members, snaking strangers and money grubbing manipulators intent on keeping you subjected and suppressed if they are unable to make a profit.

“Blogging for Freedom in the U.S. – 


This is a compilation of all four of my blogs that will be distributed within weeks…

Since I do not have an army of people and  this system refuses to acknowledge documented proof of injustice, I have to fight my way. 

Eventually, I will take all my books that clearly show questionable actions, combined with coincidence and get to someone who will give a damn but until then I will keep it up. 

Just so that it is clear, I am not thinking about ANYONE who left me to die or who profited from my pain so stop the games. 



Living in America Without Rights – 2013,

Sample below:

I have over 750 pages of documented proof, copyrights, court records that clearly were deliberately botched but this is okay?