Shuffle Masters and Musical Chairs

This Post is dedicated To Rph. Sandra for judging me for privately venting even though I have every right to be angry.

The only game being played is 


MUSIC: Shuffle Masters and Musical Chairs

Let’s explain how the music industry plays Musical Chairs. I had to see who was running the label back

when I was under contract. I had to know who profited from this mess.

Of course, these individuals listed below were definitely involved and/or aware of publishing contracts,  song submissions, ‘gutted’ musical works and actions which led to multiple Copyright Infringements:


Richard Blackstone     Dave Renzer             Paul Katz



These were some of the same people who shortly after profiting, began transferring me back and forth over the phone (keeping me on speakerphone) rejoicing, mocking and 

laughing about Zomba being Number 1.


Moving On Up The Line


The owner’s of the company were  –


Clive Ian Calder




After an unspecified “ethical disagreement,” Calder



Simon’s stake in Zomba and became the sole owner in 1990.




I was signed to Zomba in 1993 and I think I have an idea of 



what was meant by ‘ethical disagreement.




In the late

nineties, Jive expanded its success to include teen pop


phenomenons such as Backstreet Boys, ‘N Sync and Britney 


Spears, all of which topped the

charts. In 2002 he sold Zomba for


US$2.74 billion to the

German-based media group Bertelsmann.



he was offered a position with BMG, he instead chose to


stay on temporarily as

an advisor during the integration period,


but left the business in 2003. The Jive Records brand



discontinued in October 2011, with their artists being moved 


to RCA Records.




Ralph Simon


Simon co-founded the independent Zomba Group of music 


companies (now a

subsidiary of Sony Music



with Clive Calder in the 1970s. In the mid-90s, he was 


Executive Vice President of Capitol

Records and Blue Note


Records in Hollywood and started EMI Music’s global New 


Media division.



May 20, 1996, I filed a lawsuit against BMI,


Zomba and Jive because of their

lack of


response to my request as to how BMG, MCA, 


EMI, WEA, Polygram and Jive

have released


songs which blatantly infringe upon my 


copyrights. I submitted these

lyrics and


melodies to Zomba.


Although people are moved like musical chairs, 


it is easy to see how moving employees back 


and forth from BMG, MCA, EMI, WEA, Polygram 


and Jive may have gained access to  songs 


which blatantly infringe upon my copyrights. I 


sent these lyrics to Zomba; which they deny receiving. 


Conveniently their denials were received in 


envelopes marked ‘Comics’.




Letter stamp-dated 10-23-1995, envelope postmarked 10-24-1995

Letter stamp-dated 11-27-1995, envelope postmarked 11-28-1995



This Letter Of Explanation was also Provided to the Courts

Note: Clearly explained

Each document listed as Exhibits

Both; The Revised

Complaint and the Letter of explanation


‘set forth in numbered, short, plain

statements that clearly


state my argument, basis for  claim, legal theories,



documents listed as exhibits, provided jurisdiction and 


demand for

judgment as required by Fed. Rules on Civil rules


of law. I presented all of these documents along with 


copyrights to  the

courts with copyrights.



See Previous blogs and websites for more.


Both; The Revised

Complaint and the Letter of explanation ‘set forth in numbered, short, plain

statements that clearly state my argument, basis for claim, legal theories,

supporting documents listed as exhibits, provided jurisdiction and demand for

judgment as required by Fed. Rules on Civil rules of law.

Follow the next Blog to see the other 14 pages of the entire Lawsuit; which includes explanation of other exhibits.



























The Fix Was In…

Courts denied

request to assign counsel, 1st Request -June 24,  1996.


Note: U.S.

District court seal, dated Jun 24, 1996 at 10:45 am…AND


Note: On June

24, 1996, I provided court with 2nd/Revised Complaint (LISTED ABOVE) that was ‘set forth in

short, plain statements’ as required by law WITHIN THE ALLOTTED TIME -per courts order listed below.



























Courts had already signed an order of dismissal ready and dated July 22, 1996 – (a month prior to Defendants Answer to Complaint dated August 7, 1996).


Court ignored my request in accordance

Federal Rules of Civil procedure, Rule 16 (a)(b)(c); Also under U.S.C., Title

15 28,19,49; Under 28 U.S.C, 1915(d) – Plaintiff request counsel be

assigned…preventing protraction due to lack of management.


Note: Case dismissed

prior to Zomba Response dated August 7, 1996


On July 22, 1996,

Courts dismissed my case I never had an opportunity to go before the judge and

be heard. I never had my day in court.




































My revised complaint

complied completely with Fed. Rules of civil procedure but the courts ignored..




My amended complaint was clear and concise. 


This is what I refer

to as the jedi-mind-trick…just wave your hands and say the words and it never

happened. I didn’t imagine bullet holes, family assaulted, friend shot up, etc..


With all that was mentioned, courts

ignored actual events of violence, denied that stress can attribute to and cause physical


Note: Case was dismissed  July 22, 1996 but this was prior to Zomba Response dated August 7, 1996 – see Defendants response below. FIXED!






Does this sound like a Game to you?


I assure you that this is no game. 


Here I am twenty plus years later…still fighting for scraps and being stripped of everything from housing to basic necessities for decades.


This was my Objection to Order of Dismissal











Note: This was 2nd copy of Request for counsel to be

assigned–submitted July 29, 1996   Judge Bernard A. Friedman-Courts dismissed my

case before Zomba could respond…





When you sign a publishing contract, it should be ‘a given’ and fully

understood that they would want to pursue royalties. Conveniently, they can use

this contract to basically take your work or even allow your works to be used

without pursuing your interest.

The kicker is, in the beginning they exaggerate their interest in

offering you an opportunity for recording artist deal while working you for

materials along with little up-front compensation but stated in their defense

that ‘I refused to pursue claims’. Pursue claims…with what?

I never had the chance to go before the Judge. He completely

disregarded my copyrights and ignored my request for counsel.

Ultimately, in spite of having copyrights being

secured by myself, copies of materials, copies of receipts for overnight

mailings, and other correspondences submitted to Zomba representatives; Zomba

stated in response regarding songs that were in question that it was unclear.

However; prior to filing suit against them I received a letter stating that

they were investigating my claims. In fact, Zomba denied receiving or having

any works in spite of my return receipts.