I am certainly not going to do nothing!

Obviously, noone cared about the fact that I am still being subjected to the horrors of their actions. I guess that I am supposed to just sit here and continue to be every ones punching bag and scapegoat for decades. Nope. I begged for this nightmare to be stopped. I guess that since I am not a prominent attorney or have rich rich friends my public harassment and unwarranted abuse is acceptable. 

I tried to be civil but they told me to just die, 
I tried to appeal to their human side 
but they have none, 

I tried the court’s but they got to them, 
They used their position of power 
and minions to terrorize, 

They used friends and family to break your heart wearing down your resistance, 

They tried to pressure you to take your own life 
but I refused, 

I wrote a book about it which includes proof of deliberate violations but they threatened.

There is no other way but to put it out there EVERYWHERE. 

They made the choice to engage in stealing lives 

but they don’t like the spotlight on them and their 

inhumane activities but they can publicly exploit 

ANYONE and then cause unimaginable 

hardships on individuals while portraying 

victims as the perpetrator of heinous acts. 


Contact: Tiwanda Lovelace
P. O. Box 400001
Las Vegas, NV 89140
Phone: (877) 885-2944