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Gotta Love It -Freedom of the Press and Freedom of Speech!

These people never asked permission and were never coerced but willingly assisted in the activity to defraud!

Meet some of the people who directly took part in defrauding, manipulating and who are responsible for contributing & helping to violate my rights!

I submitted list of songs, copyright copies, and

contracts request for assistance; however, I 

received my materials back from all the attorneys, 

groups, and agency, along with letters expressing 

no interest in representing me. 

On May 20, 1996, I filed a lawsuit against BMI, 

Zomba and Jive because of their lack of response 

to my request as to how BMG, MCA, EMI, WEA, 

Polygram and Jive have released songs which 

blatantly infringe upon my copyrights. I sent these 

lyrics and melodies to Zomba. I have multiple 

mailer receipts to prove submissions and 

Richard Blackstone
“Richard brings many years of experience in music publishing to BMG,” Masuch said.  “Knowing him and his impressive skill set for more than 15 years already…(I can tell you from direct personal experience what his skill set was in the late 90’s – hiding & snaking).
Prior to joining WMG, Blackstone was President of Zomba Music Publishing. Originally a transactional attorney, Blackstone joined Zomba in 1989 as Director of Business Affairs.  Recognizing his talents in both business and the arts, he was later promoted to the dual role of Head of Creative and Head of Business Affairs, a position that included oversight of Zomba’s Country Music division located in Nashville
(During the 20+ years of torture that I received from the music industry & personnel – Blackstone was literally hiding and running while his people were acquiring songs. He was definitely well-aware of what was going on with the songs submitted) 

Blackstone has been a highly respected executive in the entertainment industry for nearly 20 years. In 2005 Blackstone was appointed to the position of Chairman and CEO of Warner/Chappell Music becoming responsible for all aspects of Warner Music Group’s worldwide music-publishing division operating in over 35 countries.
On November 11, 1994, due to the inability to contact Richard Blackstone – Zomba, rep over the phone regarding remaining balance for contract; my husband (at that time) and I had decided that we would go to New York to speak with Blackstone – Zomba, rep in person. Upon our arrival, we did not receive the welcome we were expecting and although we received check, Blackstone – Zomba, rep was unavailable for both days to speak with us although he knew that we were coming.

Once we returned to Michigan, we were told by Zomba staff that if they had known that they could have put us up in a hotel (they knew we were coming), We still received phone calls and correspondents that suggested that they were still interested in working with me and arranged for me to interact and work with their producers and other writers.
Blackstone sent this list of songs that was included as a part of my contract but they deny any knowledge of later:

This contract page shows the songs listed, which demonstrates Zomba’s knowledge of works. They later deny possession of listed works in response to allegations. 

Note: I filed a lawsuit which provided these companies names to the courts and other entertainment attorney‟s for using my works; which, included lyrics and melodies. 

All the while they were one in the same, working together. These songs were played on the radio by major artist signed to BMG, EMI; throughout the years starting after Zomba music publishing contract.

Their defense was that ‘they can choose which songs/works or even if they pursue claims of copyrights infringements’ (Especially, when it’s them – the company that was sent each song lyrics and melodies who are/were directly connected to all labels accused of copyright infringements).

Prior to Court case, they wanted to settle for over 40+ songs for $1,000.00)!
This was a joke and I was completely insulted and NO, I didn’t sign that mess…I have been fighting EVERYONE SINCE!

        Note: Paul Katz was sent a copy of letter regarding advance. I never knew he was affiliated with Zomba, prior to Paul Katz’s name was listed on check as signer.
Blackstone and Dave Renzer were right there playing the games directly so in spite of what you read. 

I personally experience their deceit and involvement with the copyright infringements throughout those years. Everyone I spoke with was having a good time playing with my lyrics. Oh they loved them all while I was sending them and then when I started to get back to the money it was quickly turned to attack, deny and the games.

The private investment firm brings in the former CEO of Universal Music Publishing Group to lead its new music publishing project… 
 Universal Music Publishing Group Chairman and CEO David Renzer announced today (4/26) his plans to exit the company. He has been with the publisher 15 years, starting in 1996 with MCA Music Publishing. Renzer was promoted to his current post in 2004.
Haim Saban of SABAN Capital Group, the eponymous firm’s CEO and founder, said in a statement. “And we have great confidence that David, with his vast experience, will help us create an exciting new music publishing company together.” 

He can definitely help with the exploitation part of the industry. 

He was there directing me back to Art & Rhythm’s – Larry Roc Campbell and other producers on Zomba’s roster  He also assigned Zomba’s reps to go over all songs submitted.
Renzer spent 15 years as chairman and CEO of Universal Music Publishing Group, where he controlled the operations in 50 of the company’s offices around the world. He oversaw  more than 100 music publishing acquisitions, including Polygram, Rondor, Zomba and one of the industry’s major moves, BMG Music Publishing.
He also supervised Universal’s signing of major artists such as Paul Simon, 50 Cent, Mariah Carey, Justin Bieber and the catalogs of Jimi Hendrix.
Renzer began his career at Zomba Music Publishing, where he remained for a decade.
Music Business: It’s a Dirty Game! –
This was a rough time for me. I could feel the treachery. I found out later what happened to the songs. They were all over the radio.
Building on the successes of the Jive label, Zomba began expanding its reach by purchasing and creating new labels, and by creating new divisions that helped expose more people to Zomba artists and services.
c. Letter sent to Zomba/Jive regarding Betrayal
February 23, 1995 Letter I sent to Zomba regarding blatant betrayal:

First, I addressed her Kymberlee Thornton, Zomba Rep. After she expressed satisfaction with works; suddenly, all the positive words of encouragement and compliments turned to insults. It was smash and grab…


First, I addressed her Richard Blackstone, Zomba Rep. After she expressed satisfaction with works; suddenly, all the positive words of encouragement and compliments turned to insults. It was smash and grab…
This is prior to all my so-called unmarketable song lyrics and melodies were all over the radio…
On June 24, 1996, I responded with request for counsel to be assigned to prevent protraction due to lack of management (within legally alloted 10 days time).

Music Business: It’s a dirty Game – Page 152
Almost every song that I had written was passed along for some type of payback or vendetta. For a songwriter to hear their melodies is like recognizing your child cries or your name being called repeated. It reminded me of the story that I had heard about a famous writing team. It was told that one of their girlfriends was actually writing the lyrics but was never given credit or monies. I was told that it wasn’t unheard of to emotionally abuse, reject and cause severe duress to influence suicidal actions. I was told that she killed herself. One can never imagine that pain of being used and discarded; then to top it off tortured and mocked.
If it weren’t for the viciousness of the people, it would be easy for me to believe that the stories told were all lies to distract or influence response that would cause a deadly reaction. I was thrown to the wolves and it was ‘okay’. It was nothing; I was nothing – a Ghost.
In addition, the music wasn’t the only thing used. I couldn’t watch a television program without the ridiculous similarities to my current household topics and concerns. I know I am super sensitive right now so maybe I am tripping (at least that’s what I told myself. There is no chance of this many similarities and topics over this period of time.
It shook me, I cannot lie. I was broken inside.
I trained my mind to keep moving, changing 
my thinking pattern, never focusing on 
anything for too long. I stopped listening 
to the radio for a long time. I changed my 
whole life in order to cope because I have 
no intention of giving them the satisfaction 
of my complete self-destruction.

I submitted list of songs, copyright copies, 
and contracts request for assistance; 
however, I received my materials back from 
all the attorneys, groups, and agency, along 
with letters expressing no interest in 
representing me. 

On May 20, 1996, I filed a 
lawsuit against BMI, Zomba and Jive because 
of their lack of response to my request as 
to how BMG, MCA, EMI, WEA, Polygram and Jive 
have released songs which blatantly infringe 
upon my copyrights. I sent these lyrics to